Commerce Street Night Market is back for its 3rd year! The night market is a recurring event that takes place on the last Friday of the 2018 Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons (with the exception of July and August due to the summer heat) from 6- 10pm at the Pike West Commerce outdoor, open-air pavilion (444 W Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75208). 

If you have something you would like to sell, a song to perform, an art installation you would like display, or a workshop you would want to teach, fill out the form below. The revenue generated from vendor fees will go towards paying artists and performances to activate the space, giving them a creative outlet in West Dallas. 

Application status emails will be sent one month in advance of the market date. Acceptance into one market date does not guarantee acceptance to all markets.

Fees that apply are as follows: 

Market vendor (food and non-food): $60 10x10; $40 5x10; $10 electricity

Musician: No fee. Email to negotiate payment for performances. 

Artist: No fee. Email to discuss stipends for materials/labor.

Workshop Instructor: Email or click here for more details. 

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