Little D Markets: Pop-up Class Application

Thank you for your interest in teaching a class! Feel free to check out some of our past classes.

John Hernández of Casa Masa teaching the Art of Making Tamales. Commerce Street Night Market, June 24. 

John Hernández of Casa Masa teaching the Art of Making Tamales. Commerce Street Night Market, June 24. 

What is a Little D Markets pop-up class? They're casual classes hosted at Little D Markets in partnership with KnowHow Dallas that are typically free to attend or offered for a nominal fee to the general public. Vendors and non-vendors are able to share their knowledge, skills, and creativity about their topic with the community. For vendors, it's also a great platform for spreading the word about what they do and sell as the class would be publicized along with the market. 

Do I need previous teaching experience? Previous teaching experience isn't required. You just need to have the passion for and knowledge about your topic as well as a desire to share it with others. We're here to help you with the rest!

How long are the classes? They're typically 45 min - 1 hour long but can range be longer or shorter if needed.

What kind of topics can I teach? From hands-on to thought-provoking, we are interested in presentations, activities, or demonstrations that can engage the community in a fun, interactive, and creative way. If you have a talent, craft, or in-depth knowledge that you think would interest market-goers, we want to hear from you! No topic is too obscure, we invite all ideas. 

Do I need to provide my own materials?  Little D Markets will provide tables, chairs, and electrical access if available. We can also help source materials at no cost to you. 

I want to be a pop-up class teacher! What should I do next? Submit your class idea below! We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can for more details! 

For more information, please email Terry Han at

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