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 How to sell a house quickly (for real estate agents)

Let’s face it right away: selling a house quickly is not easy, despite the real or alleged recovery that the Italian real estate sector has been experiencing in recent years. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to seriously investigate this topic and give you some useful advice to improve the approach to selling, in order to place the properties of your real estate agency faster and perhaps even at a higher price.

To sell a house quickly, lowering the price is not necessarily the right move, as many might think. On the contrary, those who sell real estate should think of property not as a house, but as a normal product to be promoted and enhanced on the market, according to the laws that the latter imposes.

When this happens, the odds of selling your home quickly, and possibly at a good price, are far greater.

All the moves to sell a house quickly

We have decided to give you some tips that could help you sell your house quickly, making the most of each of the houses you have for sale in your real estate portfolio, and therefore shortening the waiting times before you can place them at the highest bidder.

Optimize Home Staging

L ‘ Home Staging has proved in recent years, rapid and inexpensive method to increase the appeal of a property and to promote the sale. In this article, we will talk about how to do it in the most effective way possible to sell your house quickly.

First of all, it is necessary to remove all the small items that the seller has around the house, such as photos and various collections. In short, to operate a sort of ” strategic decluttering ” in view of the visits of potential customers.

After that, check every single room and determine if there are any extra pieces of furniture that can be removed. The key to optimizing home staging lies precisely in cleaning up, and therefore putting oneself in the perspective of thinking “ less is more ”. Buyers want to see large rooms where they can imagine their life. The more things there are, the harder it will be for them to identify with a new reality.

“Cleaning up” makes the rooms more spacious and this makes the house appear more interesting in the eyes of a potential buyer. Old memorabilia, photos, and artwork, for example, can represent distractions. On the contrary, eliminating them allows your potential buyer to portray in their mind what it would be like to live in that property.

Make the house interesting, not a work of art.

Putting home staging techniques into practice is not yet very common among real estate agents, as it is considered non-priority and too expensive. However, according to the results of research reported at HOMI 2017, in Italy home staging reduces the average time spent on the market by 4 times, even allowing, in 23% of cases, to sell a house within a month. .

Furthermore, it is important to think about Home Staging by extending it to everything possible buyers see before entering the house. In fact, the first thing people see about a property is its surroundings, be it the parking lot or the courtyard. The first impression, unfortunately, or fortunately, always has a significant effect on the interest of the buyer, and that is why when a buyer parks the car in front of the house, he will already have the first idea that it will then be difficult to make him change.

Think about it.

In knowing a new person, however good we ourselves may be at suspending judgment, unconsciously we will still tend to label them positively or negatively.

The first impression is everything, and the visit of a property is so short and fleeting that it requires attention to every little detail.

A practical example. In case you want to sell your house quickly and it has a courtyard, it will be essential, to give a positive first impression, to remove weeds, dead leaves and to keep the plants.

New plants, shrubs or other greenery can obviously add considerable value to the yard in terms of visual effect, but you will logically have to try to use a reasonable budget for the realization and leave big projects alone unless they are strictly necessary.

Ultimately, in order to sell a house quickly, a well-kept frame helps to give visitors a good impression, and this will heavily influence the interest of the buyers when they actually enter the house.

This phenomenon has been studied in psychology and has been renamed the halo effect or halo effect.

Clean, clean and clean

The value of good cleaning, inside and out, is invaluable. Start outside the house after setting up around. Cleaning the walls well and washing the windows is a good start.

If the seller is thinking of repainting the walls to sell the house faster, first inspect the site to see for himself what condition they are in: often removing the dirt is enough to improve their appearance.

Inside the house, the owners must remove various dust and dirt from every corner, remembering that the kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms to which people pay the most attention. The more the houses look new, especially in these two rooms, the better the impression of the potential buyer will be.

Why give the impression of having to go through a grueling renovation once you have bought the property? In most cases, buyers like to visit a house that appears to be in perfect condition: a house that they can already move into .

The more the potential buyer will perceive this sensation during his visit, the greater his propensity to buy it without waiting.

Reshape or improve

A greater return comes from smaller improvements: new ornaments, new paintings and new floors, for example, create a new and fresh look at a reduced cost.

If you want to take a further step, you can improve appliances, systems and fixtures. These improvements will make the house look new and therefore more attractive, which will help you sell it quickly.

More expensive improvements, such as renovating the kitchen or bathroom, should only be considered if you deem them indispensable. While this type of work will help sell faster, it can take a long time to get it done, as well as making the process too burdensome. So, think carefully before advising sellers to take this step.

Conversely, small incremental improvements to the kitchen or bathroom are most likely to give you a higher return on your investment. A new sink, a less flashy chandelier or more modern shower curtains are all inexpensive investments that can instantly transform your space.

For example: why invest thousands of euros for a complete renovation of the kitchen, when you can spend less than a thousand euros for a new and functional set of appliances? Small interventions can have a big impact.

Of the small incremental improvements of the kitchen or bathroom, they are the ones most likely to grant you a greater return on investment

It also takes care of the light. A dark or dimly lit house is unlikely to make a big impression. Pull back the curtains and let the sunlight up all the rooms, also use artificial lights if necessary, to give a lively look to the rooms.

Invest in professional photos and go for it with marketing

Given the difficulty in obtaining exclusive sales deals, some agents tend to post unclear and professional photos to minimize the risk of losing valuable commissions.

This is a problem that can create discomfort, as well as prejudice, not only in our own customers but also and above all by foreign customers, who often consider it irritating and time wasters.

For this reason, if you want to sell a house quickly, it is important to effectively manage the marketing.

Basically, having arrived first, the competing agents for the acquisition of that property will find themselves as high barriers to entry, the greater your ability to make an ad professional. This obviously also includes certain professionalism in the photoshoot.

With a large chunk of buyers looking online for their dream home, investing in a professional photographer to produce high-quality images is key to attracting buyers and selling homes faster at a better price.

Furthermore, doing good online and offline marketing, as we have often reiterated, makes a difference in how buyers imagine a home initially seen on the web. The integration of these two channels is essential: make sure that buyers see only professional photos both on real estate portals and in the MLSs with which you advertise your properties.

Entertain your prospects with storytelling.

Storytelling is a very powerful weapon to grab attention: think it’s even part of our DNA.

For your potential client, buying a house also means establishing an emotional relationship with the place: make it dream.

The neighborhoods and villages of our country lend themselves perfectly to the purpose: we are a country rich in stories, anecdotes and historical-artistic events. Not to mention uses, customs, and culinary traditions. So why not delight your potential client with some small anecdote expertly mixed with the various architectural and purely technical features of the property? This will help make them less cold and more appealing.

Do not forget to implement the best SEO techniques to give visibility to your property on search engines and therefore be able to sell the house quickly.

Even the local SEO strategies can be exploited strategically to get visibility. On the other hand, users tend to add the location in which they are looking for a property, for example, “houses for rent in Florence”: so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

A 3D Real Estate Virtual Tour to amazing your potential customers

Admit it, 3D Virtual Tours are very fascinating from the point of view of the User Experience. Especially for operators in the sector, it is always special to see every corner of the property being dealt with virtualized in 3D.

If we also consider that the Virtual Reality market is destined to reach 25 billion dollars in value by 2021, there is reason to believe that this type of content will be consumed more and more by users. In this regard, we have carried out interviews with the founders of and Sferical, startups that concretize the technology linked to virtual tours for real estate agencies.

Using a 3D camera it is now possible to literally “stitch” an entire property and make it virtually open to visitors, directly on your ad. At that point, it doesn’t matter how far away your potential client is : he will have an excellent tool at his disposal that will help him get a first idea of ​​the property. This will help you have a very powerful weapon to be able to sell your house quickly.

Another really interesting technology that could help you present the property for sale better and without wasting time is the one offered by CubiCasa, an application that allows you to create a floor plan of any property in a few minutes, using only the smartphone.

Go beyond the simple Video Tour, use a drone

In recent years we have been witnessing the explosion of Video Tours shot with the use of drones. In reality, it must be said that this type of content is now a reality in the Anglo-Saxon world, where Video Tours by drones are particularly effective for advertising not only properties outside the city but also condominium apartments.

It is not difficult to imagine why this type of shooting is more and more frequent in real estate ads. Presenting your property with a drone makes the Tour much more captivating and allows you to show not only the surrounding landscapes but also details of the property that would be difficult to show with a simple photo shoot.

Thanks to this kind of shooting, your client will be able to get a more complete idea and will also be able to perceive in a more intuitive way the context in which the property is immersed, all directly from home. This will make the difference when he has to decide whether to visit your property or that of your competitor.

Don’t forget about the Millennials

The Millennials, or Generation Y, in Italy are 11 million and they are the target that in recent years is entering the real estate market for the purchase of properties. You certainly don’t want to be caught unprepared for this new type of customer?

The expectations of this target are very different from those of Baby Boomers. By the way, we made an article about new real estate buyers: the Millennials.

According to a survey by, 67% of the real estate offer on the market today does not coincide with the needs of Millennials.

The reason? 50% of the properties in Italy require maintenance and renovation, and it is clear that a generation raised with certain media models (the result of films, TV series, video games, etc.) has in mind an idea of ​​a house with a modern and functional.

For such a flexible and highly mobile generation, the concept of experience has become central. It is no coincidence that Millennials are great aperitif lovers and consider smoking an opportunity for sharing and socializing, and no longer a status symbol like the Baby Boomers.

data searches real estate online

If the concepts of experience, sharing and socialization are so important for Millennials, the kitchen and the living room will be the spaces to enhance and focus on, to quickly sell a property to this target. Replacing and modernizing obsolete furniture and creating an ad hoc Open Space arrangement for social moments are two of the most used low-cost solutions.

Improving energy efficiency helps you speed up the sale

Thinking about energy efficiency also means considering the possibility of having to make important changes to the property. Nowadays, buyers are much more sensitive not only to environmental and resource-saving issues but also and above all to save on their bills.

Equipping the property with solar panels, sensors or consumption monitoring systems such as a simple digital thermostat, or installing soundproofing panels in the living room, will immediately catch the eye of the potential buyer, allowing you to increase the selling price and your margin. the final. Everything must obviously be implemented without losing sight of the starting budget.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer: it would be quite impressive to be able to experience significant annual energy savings by showing the bill receipts with the consumption of the property before and after the changes made!

These are the facts that will convince him.

To help you achieve this, you can periodically take a look at the new IoT trends for monitoring and saving households.

Optimize your online presence and your reputation: in one word, do Personal Branding!

The more your professional figure and that of your agency enjoy a good online reputation, the more interested users will be convinced to contact you.

When we interviewed Gianluca Lo Stimolo, an expert in Personal Branding, he confided in us the most frequent mistake that real estate agents often make: focusing too much on the product, in this case, the properties, to the total detriment of the person, who is “snubbed” in most cases.

Having a good reputation is what has always characterized a good Real Estate Agent, especially in the last century, when most of the new clients arrived thanks to offline word of mouth.

But today, offline reputation alone is no longer enough.

Investing time in the development of your Personal Brand in the real estate market ( here we also talked about it with Gerardo Paterna ), pausing and learning to juggle the use of new technologies, is the best investment you can make in the era of Reputation Economy, the current historical period characterized by the convergence of online, offline and personal branding reputation, which becomes fundamental components of the image of a professional.

WeAgentz is the first online showcase in Italy for real estate agents qualified to practice the profession, defined by Il Sole 24 Ore as “the TripAdvisor of Real Estate Agents”.

Choose the right price

A good real estate agent will analyze recent sales and select a price that is suitable for the property for sale, to encourage buyers to bid and thereby try to sell the house quickly.

Defining the price of a house is not like defining a price for a car or a TV: what buyers ultimately pay often differs from the list price, and you know this better than we do.

In most markets, the best strategy for attracting buyers is to price slightly below the real market value.

This often generates numerous offers, which will compete with each other and allow you to sell the house quickly and at a higher price. On the contrary, setting a price too high from the beginning risks leaving your property in the ads for months. In addition to this, exaggerating the selling prices, thus making the properties out of price and far away from market prices, will negatively affect your reputation as a real estate agent, putting you in a bad light both towards more professional colleagues – who will probably keep themselves in the dark. away from possible collaborations with your agency – both at the level of perception of you as a professional by potential clients.

The reason the process described works is that the lower price makes the house visible to more buyers, who will therefore consider it a real bargain.

Another strategy is that which exploits what in the field of neuromarketing is defined as the ” anchoring effect “, that is the tendency of a consumer, in the decision-making phase, to rely excessively on the first information given to him, perceiving an excessive value and totally unjustified of a product or service.

You can take advantage of this effect by raising the first proposed price, with the aim of increasing the perceived value of the property among the public.

Once entered into the negotiation phase, the potential buyer will have the perception of having made a real bargain, saving compared to what he believed to be the true value of the property

When one of these pricing strategies is combined with all the previous steps, buyers will see a great home, in perfect condition, at an affordable price. Without a doubt, they will want to make an offer!

In conclusion?

In conclusion, the three key factors for selling a home quickly are home staging, cleaning and/or remodeling, professional marketing. Taking all three of these factors into consideration will increase the speed at which the house will be sold, and at the same time will contribute to increasing the perceived value of the property, with natural upward repercussions on the price.

You just have to roll up your sleeves and go for it.