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The best websites to sell a house online

Real estate web marketing is one of the elements that have now become essential to be able to sell a property better and in the shortest possible time.

The subject of marketing in the real estate sector is really vast and could confuse those who, like you, are approaching the idea of ​​selling their home … but do not panic: one step at a time, we will see today which are the best websites to sell home online in 2020, thus going to deepen the methods of publication on the various internet portals.

What does this mean? That a portal should replace the classic figure of the licensed real estate agent we are all used to? Absolutely not!

If you are the owner of the property in question, however, it is essential that you know all the useful tools to be able to give greater visibility to your home during the delicate phase of advertising and sponsorship on the web.

So we decided to create this guide that is always updated to provide you with all the necessary elements to better understand on the one hand how an online advertising process for solutions for sale develops, on the other hand which are the best websites to sell a house. online today.

Selling a house online in 2021: a mandatory premise

We know perfectly well how much you care, for obvious reasons, in the sale of your property.

Surely you have carefully chosen and pre-selected the real estate agency to entrust with the sales assignment, or you are still “trying” on your own, but there is one detail that you absolutely must not neglect: in both situations, you will have to take care to the online presence of your home. What does it mean? Now we explain it to you …

In fact, several recent statistics have shown that any real estate negotiation is somehow conveyed by the world of the web. This data is very important to understand how much value you will have to attribute to the image that your home will assume online.

This process arises precisely from the now automatic use of the web by people interested in any product in the most varied sectors, before carrying out any purchase action.

Before even arriving at the real estate agency, even before starting to make appointments for visits, even before outlining some essential characteristics for the purchase of a new home, potential buyers through a PC, a tablet, or simply on their smartphone, start reading real estate ads and scrolling through many potentially interesting apartments.

So wouldn’t it be appropriate to take care of the presence of your home online?

The premise relating to the very strong use of the web, especially as regards real estate searches, was a must to make you understand the importance of real estate portals, whether you sell independently or with the support of intermediaries.

Before listing which are the best websites to sell a house online, let’s get to the heart of this reading by explaining precisely what are the generic ways of using the main real estate portals and what are their rules for publishing complete and effective ads.

Sell ​​a house, yes: but what are the general rules to do it better online?

Here we are, you are finally convinced to take the step of putting your house up for sale: presumably, following an evaluation, you will have agreed with the real estate consultant the starting price, or if you are selling as a private person, you will probably be starting from your idea of ​​realization price (even if what we recommend to try to sell anticipating downtime, is to have your home professionally evaluated by experts in the sector).

And now? Before going online, the property in question will have to pass a sort of “aesthetic test” in order not to risk losing potentially interested customers on the street, who, however, would not notice your home in the sea of ​​properties offered for sale on the web.

Preparing a property for sale is no longer optional: it will be necessary to make the house attractive, aesthetically pleasing, and pleasant to live in the imagination of the user who is looking at it.

Also with regard to this aspect, there are professionals able to work precisely on improving the image for the purpose of presenting the property for marketing and advertising.

First rule: the right value to the image

The first step, even for you who are not a professional in the sector, will be to create a professional photo shoot to start the sponsorship process on the web. 

Is it really necessary to point out that publishing photographs were taken with the mobile phone, in a hurry and perhaps even badly done, will not help much?

Our advice is therefore to get help from a professional photographer if you are selling independently.

If you have delegated the sale to a real estate agency, however, make sure that the agency’s services include a professional photo shoot for your home.

Second rule: prevent your real estate ad from getting lost in the sea of ​​ads on the portal

What could harm your home online sponsorship? Surely the fact that your real estate ad gets lost in the maze of the many ads published every day on real estate websites.

We will explain later how each portal offers the possibility to stand out and to always keep the visibility of your property on the front page.

It is clear that this aspect is fundamental for visibility: think for a moment what would happen if after dedicating so much effort and energy to it, your ad ended up at the end of pages on pages of real estate proposals … who would come to notice your house?

“Premium” is defined as the possibility of always obtaining top visibility, generally paying a sum to the real estate portal in question.

It is easy to understand that keeping your ad on the first or at most second page of the website in question will increase the chances of being taken into more consideration by any interested customers.

If you are selling with the support of a real estate agency, make sure that the targeted marketing for the sale of your home includes at least a certain period of time in Premium mode on the portals to which the agency is linked.

Third rule: the real estate ad, differentiate yourself!

Don’t assume that real estate listings all have to be the same. It is precisely because a real estate ad is always built in the same way, that which penalizes the impact it should have on the potential buyer.

It’s clear that you won’t have to turn into a professional storyteller to process the ad text, but surely finding ways to differentiate yourself wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

While writing your ad, you will need to keep two important characteristics in mind:

  • Clearly expressed details, to give the reader an accurate picture of what he or she would like to buy
  • Text able to intrigue the reader to the point of making the action of contacting you to receive more information

It’s easy? Well, if it comes to your home, you shouldn’t have great difficulty in elaborating a text that can intrigue, but at the same time explain in detail some of the more technical particularities of the property.

If professionals in the sector take care of it, we recommend that you ask your real estate consultant to send you, before putting it online, a draft of the real estate ad, so that you can check it before publication.

From the rules to the practice: here are the best websites to sell homes online

We have just summarized in three simple rules some of the fundamental steps to start a real estate marketing process linked to the sale of your home.

These basic rules will be of great help to you both to monitor the possible work of the real estate agency that is dealing with the sale, and in case you are selling alone, to understand how to move in the world of real estate portals.

Now, however, we just have to start listing the best websites to sell a house: it is important to start from a distinction that in technical terms differentiates the portals into horizontal and vertical.

Vertical websites are those portals that deal exclusively with dealing with a single product, in our case precisely, properties.

On the other hand, the websites defined horizontal are those portals that collect sales announcements of various categories.

During this practical guide, we will first analyze the exclusive portals of the sector, then those defined as vertical, but we will not forget to mention also some horizontal ones that have a good following in real estate.

We would like to underline that the order in which the websites will be listed to sell homes online is not to be understood as a sort of ranking, but purely as a listing for its own sake.

Exclusive real estate portals in the sector

Perhaps one of the best known even by those who have never had anything to do with the real estate sector, is fully among the best websites to sell homes online.

Publishing a real estate ad on this portal is really simple: just connect to the official homepage of and register as a private individual in a simple and freeway. This will allow you to start taking the first steps by becoming familiar with the portal and thus begin to take advantage of all the services offered.

Registration involves entering your data, including telephone number and email address.

In fact, you will have to confirm the registration by clicking on a link that will arrive after a few minutes by email.

After successfully logging in, a screen will invite you to choose the way you want to use the portal :

  • For free
  • Smart: 19 euros for three months
  • Gold: at a price of 49 euros for six months

Of course, it will be precisely on the basis of the subscription package you have chosen, which you can obtain or not the pluses offered by the portal for your real estate ad.

An important detail to know is that once published on, the ad will remain on the portal for at least three months: if you need to remove it, you just need to access the portal with your credentials and through the reserved area, by clicking on “manage ads”, you can remove it.

Raise your hand if you do not know this real estate portal … perhaps in addition to being one of the best websites to sell a house online, it is also one of the most famous in circulation.

But how does it work to publish a property to sell or rent on

Also, in this case, the very intuitive way and very similar to the procedure to follow for publishing on, it will take you very few and simple steps to succeed in successfully publishing your real estate ad.

The first step will be to connect to the official page of the website, and the second will lead you to click on the “Publish for free” button located at the top right of the web page.

Subsequently, to create your account and thus easily access your information, you will need to click on “Register” and proceed following the instructions suggested by the website for entering your data.

Are you ready to place your real estate ad? You will immediately realize that it is really child’s play to do this.

As mentioned, is designed in an intuitive way and this allows easy use of the platform even for a digital neophyte!

After you have successfully registered on the portal, you will be shown a new page dedicated to the ads to be inserted.

Remember to check the “sale” box if it is a property to be offered for sale, or clearly “rent” if you are thinking of leasing.

Then you will be asked to enter all the information and technical details on the property, just as if you were filling out a real property sheet.

It is good that you know that after you have entered all the information correctly, the team will take the time to process your request, so you will not see your ad immediately in publication.

You will then be notified by email of the publication, now you just have to manage your ads by accessing the personal area of ​​the portal. is a real estate portal of Spanish origins, which has obtained a prominent place in the panorama of websites to sell houses online in Italy.

Again, you can create an account and publish your real estate ad for free by following the clear and simple instructions provided by the portal.

However, what we must underline with respect to the first two real estate portals listed, is that to make the most of, you should choose from the available subscriptions, as the free offer is a little limited and limiting compared to web competitors.

The website offers two possibilities:

  • Sprint: this option will bring your ad in a prominent position for 24 hours at a cost of € 9.99
  • Top: You will have your ad in a prominent position for 30 days at a cost of € 35.90

Despite the diversity compared to its cousins ​​listed above, remains one of the most chosen portals by real estate agencies and individuals who need to advertise a property for sale.

Because? Definitely, a good product, which offers extra services such as the possibility of making videos and photo books and more: for some time, in fact, a user can also request an evaluation of the property before putting it up for sale.


The portal, created in 2015 to promote the figure of the licensed real estate agent, allows you to contact the perfect real estate agent according to your specific needs, to whom you can then possibly entrust the property to sell online.

The platform provides users with an advanced tool to find the right real estate agent, in a simple way and with full knowledge of the facts: in fact, with the utmost meritocracy and total transparency of information, it is possible to search among the qualified real estate agents present in the database of WeAgentz, comparing their skills, competencies and specializations, with focus on their background and experience in real estate, cities and areas of operation, work mode and much more.

WeAgentz is, therefore, an ideal ally so as not to leave the choice of the agency to which to entrust the sale of your home to chance.

The agents also have an Agent Profile in which they can showcase properties, with a direct link to the advertisement on their website or specialized portal, to increase the chances of selling the most attractive houses on the market in their portfolio.

So, to communicate, use the search bar you find on the Homepage, so as to carry out a quick and geo-localized search for real estate agents operating in your city: relying on the right real estate agent can be the first important step to sell the property. your home online at the best price.

It is a relatively recent portal compared to its peers, but not of minor importance: let’s find out together how works, a web portal that should be mentioned for the large web traffic acquired in a few years of life, which brought it in the limelight among the major vertical real estate ad portals, but with a particularity that closely affects individuals …

The homepage is simple and easy to use and allows individuals only to receive an evaluation of their property, by entering the main data and geographical location.

After entering all the basic information, you can check an option to be contacted for free by a real estate agency with a detailed report on the property, including the most likely market value, analysis of demand, prices and comparables…

However, it is good to know that Wikicasa (here is the particularity we mentioned to you) is a real estate portal reserved for publication by real estate agents only, so if you came to our guide because you could not understand how to publish your ad on this portal, know that you will not be able to proceed independently with the publication of your ad.

The portal, therefore, allows you, as mentioned, to receive a free evaluation of the house from a real estate agent, who without obligation and with your consent can also take charge of the publication of your ad, or allows you to search among the ads already published directly from brokers.

Horizontal websites that can successfully host real estate listings – here’s what they are

We had promised to leave room for those online portals that collect different categories of product announcements, but in this case they treat the real estate sector with positive results.

The best websites to sell a house in a more generalist and non-specific way are undoubtedly and

Also, in this case, the presentations should be completely superfluous, as in the specific case of a portal like, we all know how it is constantly under the eyes of all in various media channels and for various reasons.

But how does it work for real estate ads? 

For some time, the website in question has created a separate macro-area, dedicated to the world of real estate sales.

It must be admitted that being a generalist website, we can also speak in Italy of a portal used mostly by private individuals and still little by real estate agencies.

Publishing a real estate ad on is really very simple!

If you do not already have an active account with login credentials, you will need to register on the portal via the homepage, but this will really take a few minutes of your time.

To publish the announcement, you will need to use the “Insert announcement” button at the top right of the homepage: you will therefore be asked for all the information and technical specifications about the product for which you are requesting publication, after which the portal will take its time necessary to evaluate your request.

The notification of success or failure (if you have not respected certain parameters of the policy) will reach you via the email address associated with your account.

You can also decide whether to be contacted by potential buyers interested in your ad either by email or by mobile phone or to choose only one of the two contact options.

The nature of this generalist portal is extremely similar to that of, in actions and intentions, of course. is a portal that operates on different and transversal sectors… in short, you can really find everything there.

The thing that interests us, however, is that you can also publish real estate ads with ease and proven visibility, which is what we are looking for.

First of all, you will see a geographic map of Italy that can be selected region by region: in this way, you can very easily access the geographic area of ​​your interest directly.

Always at the top right and always after logging in, you will have to click on the button with a camera icon and thus proceed with the insertion of your real estate ad.

As usual and as you know by now, after having indicated the reference category, you will have to proceed with the technical information and the description of the announcement.

You can also, before publishing, ask to see a preview of the ad in question just to see how it will appear online to potential buyers.

When you are ready, by clicking on the blue “Publish ad” button, you can send your property immediately online!