How much does it cost whitewash the house

It often happens that you to have to repaint your home and, regardless of whether you decide to do it yourself or to rely on a professional painter, there are more or less high costs to be taken into account. In the following paragraphs, we will examine all the aspects that affect these costs (condition of the walls, type of paint used, chosen processing technique, etc.) and we will try to find out, roughly, how much it can really cost to whitewash the house. We will also dedicate a space to the importance of having estimates made and we will also make a brief mention of the costs related to the whitewashing of the external walls of the building. The team of taj reidencia islamabad is providing you with is article to find out, even more, fill out our specific form.

Find out how much it costs to whitewash your home! 

Why do you usually decide to paint the house? The reasons can be different: the need to fix damaged or simply dirty (if not moldy) walls, the purchase of a house to renovate, the desire to change and renew the appearance of one’s home, the desire to make it more presentable and tempting a property to put up for sale to increase its value … Whatever the motivation that drives you to think about whitewashing the walls, it is always good to carefully evaluate some aspects, so as to be sure to make the right decision. In particular, let’s see together how much it costs to whitewash the house.

The elements that affect painting costs

When do you decide to paint your house, one of the first questions to ask is: do I rely on an expert or do I try to do it myself? It is clear that, if you do not have a minimum of attitude towards manual work and if you do not have enough time available, the answer is absolutely obvious. Otherwise, the “do it yourself” can also be a good option to keep costs down a bit. In addition to the fact that, of course, it can also give some personal satisfaction!

Regardless of whether you decide to personally follow the project or instead, you prefer to rely on a professional painter, there are mainly three aspects to take into consideration:

  • The wall must be properly prepared: very often it is not enough to paint and that’s it, but it is necessary to carry out some preliminary work (grouting, shaving, etc.)
  • It is necessary to choose the type of paint, and not only in terms of color.
  • You have to decide which painting technique to use: the very simple whitening with brush or roller is just one of the opportunities. Nowadays there are different ways, more or less complex to achieve, to obtain particular effects on the walls.

These three elements, in fact, form the basis for defining the cost of painting a house. So let’s proceed in order, trying to get an idea of ​​what the price per square meter can be.

Labor costs and materials for painting the house

As we said, first of all we need to evaluate the condition of the walls to be painted. When the wall is in perfect condition, perhaps just built and to be painted for the first time, then a sanding job may be sufficient. If, on the other hand, it is a wall that has already been previously painted and, perhaps, also has cracks, mold or other imperfections, a longer and more complex intervention is clearly required, which inevitably affects costs.

In the second case, however, precisely by virtue of the fact that the work to be carried out is more important, it is more likely that one will still have to resort to the labor of a professional, equipped with all the necessary equipment as well as the necessary skills. And how much can this cost? What can be the price of a painter per square meter?

For a simple painting, the prices range approximately from 5 to 16 euros per square meter: this means that to whitewash, quite simply, a wall of 15 square meters you can spend between 80 and 250 euros. In the event that the required painting technique is more particular, then the costs can rise to 9-13 euros per square meter, i.e. 135-500 euros for a wall of 15 square meters.

What about the cost of mowing walls instead? How much can it affect? In principle, between shaving and grouting, an additional cost of 6-8 euros per square meter must be taken into account, depending above all on the condition of the walls and therefore on the amount of work required.

As regards the choice of paint, however, it is true that costs can greatly affect the total, but it is always advisable to opt for quality products, such as water-based paints: they have a better yield than tempera paints, for example, and therefore they allow to optimize the result with a few passes, also guaranteeing a longer duration over time. Perhaps it is better to spend something more immediately, rather than find yourself with a poor job and to be redone after a short time.

And how much do apartment paints cost? Also in this case, the prices are very variable, it depends precisely on the type of product chosen: tempera paint is the cheapest and can cost less than 20 euros for a 2.5-liter can, with water-based paint. it goes up to around 25-32 euros and, finally, enamel can cost around 37 euros.

However, if we think of carrying out some particular process, and by now there are so many in circulation, the “wall square meter calculation” can take very different proportions depending on the case: if for a basic painting a cost can be considered between 4 and 8 euros per square meter, for sponging you can also go up to about 16 euros and arrive, in the case of glazing, even at a price that starts from 10 euros to get to exceed 20. The Venetian stucco remains perhaps one of the most complex and therefore expensive techniques: the price per square meter ranges from 20 to 35 euros.

How much does it cost to paint the house?

If we add up the cost of the paint, the cost of the painter’s labor, and the technical cost of processing, we can hypothesize that for an accommodation of about 100 square meters the total cost could be about 2500 euros: it is a figure, it is clear, very indicative and which can undergo fluctuations. also important depending on the various elements illustrated above (above all it can increase, and even a lot, in the case in which more particular and elaborate processing techniques are chosen).

Whitening quote

In any case, when you decide to rely on a professional, the best thing to do is to get a quote for the whitewashing, or rather possibly even more than one, in order to be able to make a comparison and evaluate what can be the best solution, from an economic point of view and beyond. For a more precise and reliable estimate, it is preferable to allow the painter to carry out an inspection. Only in this way will he be able to realize the actual work to be carried out and will be able to make a more correct estimate of the timing and costs in general.

To optimize the work as much as possible, and consequently to amortize the costs, it would be preferable to proceed with the whitewashing of several rooms in the same period: if you decide to renovate the house, it is better to do it all at once, rather than just one room, for example, only to have to do another shortly after. If the surfaces to be painted are many, it is usually possible to obtain a more favorable price on materials and also on labor. In addition, it guarantees faster work and avoids having discomfort and disorder in the house repeatedly.

One more consideration: in principle, the cost of a house painter is always a little higher in large cities than in medium-small towns. With the same work required, in cities such as Milan, Rome or Turin, for example, the outlay will be greater than in other provincial realities.

Cost of external painting

We have seen how much it costs to whitewash the house, limiting ourselves to the interiors, but obviously, in some cases, the need to renovate the external walls may also arise.

The aspects that affect the costs are, indicatively, the same considered up to now, even if clearly the materials are not the same since they must have very particular characteristics and resistance to bad weather. Furthermore, it is necessary to always follow the indications of the Municipality and, above all, it must be considered that there could be very high costs due to the rental of scaffolding, etc.

This is a very broad discourse, to which to possibly devote other insights, however, we can indicatively say that between scaffolding rental, plaster reconstruction, painting, and labor, the cost of an external painting can be around 50 euros per square meter, it depends also by the type of paint chosen (lime, quartz, silicate, self-cleaning pliolite, etc.)