Real estate and social networks: YouTube real estate

A real estate YouTube channel can be one of the best ways to do Internet marketing. YouTube has seen many challenges in the online video market, but despite the competition, it remains the primary platform for real estate video marketing.

To best use YouTube for real estate, you need to know how to optimize your real estate video marketing plan for your YouTube channel. To start using it, here is our guide.

The advantages of a social network

YouTube was born in 2005 and in a short time became the most important video sharing channel on the Internet, allowing the online sharing of videos, presentations, and films by both people and companies. In 2006 YouTube was acquired by Google, remaining the undisputed leader of online videos for years; only in recent years has Facebook tried to act as an alternative, giving much more space in the home to visual content, videos in particular.

In any case, YouTube remains the specific reference point for videos, although it has transformed over time into a real social network, able to give its users advantages such as:

> Visibility on search engines

The videos uploaded to YouTube can be optimized for one or more keywords relating to the real estate sector: this means giving the opportunity to users subscribed to the channel or simply to those who search for certain words related to Real Estate on search engines, to find precisely that video. In fact, it is easy to see how Google often shows videos taken from YouTube, as well as in the Google Video channel, even in the first pages of the organic results.

> Accesses to your website

You can insert a link to your real estate agency’s website in the description of each video. In this way, if you manage to capture the attention of your audience, users could easily click on the link that leads them to your website and visit the pages of the properties for sale. This will greatly increase your chances of growing leads and customers.

> Potential virality

Videos are subject to “virality” much more than images, even more so than articles or press releases. To increase the chances that your article will go viral, accompany it with a funny video, and you will see that it will be shared much more by users on social networks.

Video creation and optimization

social network youtube real estate weagentz
When you create a video, you have to invest your time both in production and promotion, or you will risk receiving very few views and shares.

So make sure you follow some essential steps to make videos that give you a satisfactory return in terms of visibility, access to your agency’s website, even virality (if you are really good!)

1. The care of the design

The graphic aspect of your agency must be taken care of wherever you are present online. In your YouTube channel you can insert a banner and a profile image, then insert those that have the name of your brand, your contacts and a photo of one of your best properties.

2. Agency data

There is nothing better than sharing your agency’s contact information. But don’t assume that your audience knows how and where to find you on social networks, or even how to find your website.

Provide links that allow interested people to easily contact you by phone or email.

3. Creating a YouTube real estate plan

It is important to have a long-term vision for what you want to achieve with your YouTube channel and to be consistent with your production, the length of your videos, the graphics and the value proposition.

The best way to create this plan is to first understand which subject and which angles are best for the audience.

4. The choice of themes

There are several topics that you can cover in your videos: for example, clips highlighting the tasks that every seller and buyer need to know can position themselves as a very useful resource for you and your contacts.

Buyers and sellers want to know if the market is growing in their areas of interest, both from the point of view of the value of homes and that of job opportunities. Why not tell them via video?

The primary interest of each of your contacts will in any case be to look for a property of their liking in your portfolio, so making videos that show every corner of your properties can be a very effective real estate YouTube strategy.

Take inspiration from the most successful real estate agents and study their videos, this way you will understand how to create clips for your real estate YouTube channel. For example, if you like how an agent tells the main news about a given neighborhood, write a text that deals with the same theme but concerning a neighborhood affected by your market.

5. The choice of titles

It is essential to think about the titles for your real estate YouTube videos so that they have relevant keywords and entice users to watch them.

If you want to create a series of videos, think of a title that you can use and then insert a subtitle for each new episode.

6. The choice of tags

Choose tags that are appropriate to the content of your videos, as the search for videos on YouTube, but also on Google and search engines in general, is closely connected with them.

Appropriate tags ensure that your videos are recommended by YouTube to users with compatible interests in the real estate world, or that they appear as “related videos” compared to the videos of your direct competitors who use your same keywords.

Use all 500 characters at your disposal by alternating a mix of specific and generic tags. In order to strengthen the positioning of your video, use the keyword you entered in the tags first in the title, also paying attention to rename the file with the main keyword used to optimize it.

7. The creation of the miniature

The thumbnail is a key factor in the success of your real estate videos, as it determines the likelihood of users clicking on the videos. It is YouTube that recommends using thumbnails that have attractive, clear, high-resolution graphics.

Do not use deceptive images for the purpose of increasing views, as this type of attitude will be punished by YouTube and will end up having the opposite effect. The preview images must in fact represent the contents of the videos faithfully, as well as complete the meaning of the titles.

Always pay attention to the fact that many users are likely to view your videos, and even earlier your preview thumbnails, from mobile devices. So no to writing that is too small, which from mobile will become tiny and illegible, and attention to every detail of the image.

If the preview is not displayed correctly on Facebook, we recommend that you use the Facebook Debugger.

8. Inserting annotations

Have you ever noticed interactive texts appear in the YouTube video in order to keep your attention high and tell you what actions you should take? These are the “annotations”.

You can use the annotations to suggest to your users to subscribe to your agency’s channel, or to the Newsletter (we have an entire article in which we discuss how to create the Newsletter ), or to invite them to watch the video of a property with a super price. discounted.

Unleash your creativity in creating these texts, you can also redirect viewers directly to your website, blog or Facebook page of your real estate brand.

In fact, annotations in your videos can be essential to insert your CTAs. Whatever the CTA you insert in your clips, remember the essential structure of the latter: a direct text, explaining why you want the viewer to be encouraged to click; and a link that takes them to the page you promised.

9. The trailer and featured videos

Create a Trailer to get YouTube users to subscribe to your real estate agency’s channel, or alternatively set the latest uploaded video as a featured video.

Also promote your videos through “Featured Content”, a YouTube feature that will allow you to annotate all your videos automatically. By doing so you will have the opportunity to give visibility to the last video uploaded or to a playlist in which you have inserted it.

10. The choice of description

Try to connect with the viewers of your real estate videos by adding relevant, creative and engaging descriptions, with links in the right places.

Inserting a couple of sentences that summarize the concept of your video won’t help you. Rather, insert a series of paragraphs that explain in-depth the content of the video, so that those who want to see the video will know what it will talk about even before they see it.

Pay particular attention to the first three lines, which will be those actually always visible on the video page without the need to explore the entire description: enter the most important keywords and the tags you used, perhaps trying to induce users to subscribe to the channel or visit your agency’s website.

11. The creation of playlists

Is it possible that your videos could enter the first pages of YouTube results for competitive keywords? It is not easy for this to happen, but you can try by curating and optimizing the Playlists in which you insert your top videos.

The goal is to provide your audience with different content that is linked to each other. Write short coherent descriptions in your Playlists and assign them names that are particularly meaningful for the real estate sector, possibly containing keywords often used to search for your content. Finally, insert the videos in the Playlist, and that’s it.

12. Promotion on social networks

You can create as many videos as you want, but without promoting them they will never reach the potential achievable in a good real estate YouTube strategy.

Any social channel managed by your real estate agent can become an excellent ally for promoting videos created on YouTube. Among these, Facebook is undoubtedly the most interesting social network, both for the number of active users ready to “Like” and shares and for the importance of visual content.

Do not snub Google+, much less LinkedIn and Twitter, while if your real estate brand is mainly based on the visual, as in the case of the majority of real estate agencies that promote homes for sale or rent, for the promotion of videos you can think of activating a Pinterest account.

13. Publishing on blogs

Since we assume your real estate agency has a website, create an article specifically for the video you are uploading to YouTube. In this way, the video will also be ready to be viewed by the readers of your blog ( you don’t have a blog yet ??), while you will help increase the positioning of the video by creating a link to it.

Using YouTube Analytics you can find out which blogs have incorporated the videos published on your real estate channel: you could contact them to start a form of collaboration or mutual sharing of the videos in their respective user communities. This type of win-win partnership will give you significant benefits in your real estate Youtube strategy.

14. User comments

We have already told you about how important it is to respond to comments instantly. It goes without saying that the number of comments is able to influence the popularity of content exponentially, so if one of your videos receives a lot of comments and interactions already published, it will be more favored in the search results that will occur in the future.

15. Have fun with drones

Drones offer real estate agents a myriad of ways to showcase the homes on their listings with a new and affordable perspective.

Understand the role drones will play in your marketing efforts and how to use them effectively. Incorporating drones into your real estate web marketing strategy just because you want it might not be the best solution.

Be aware and well prepared on how to distribute your videos: you will have to upload and manage the videos of your client’s homes on suitable platforms such as, in this case, YouTube.

How to make your YouTube videos native to Facebook

Now a rhetorical question, which mainly concerns real estate agents used to self-produce videos to advertise their properties, or institutional videos about their agency and their real estate team: have you ever shared a YouTube video on Facebook? Are you satisfied with the interactions (likes, comments and shares) you received on it? We’re pretty sure the answer is No! The reason this happens is that they are not native Facebook videos, therefore they have a very different layout from what users who use the social network are used to.

In fact, instead of large-format and captivating videos, which immediately capture the attention of users, the videos shared directly from YouTube are small and accompanied by a description in thumbnail, certainly a not very stimulating view to the interaction by the other users. Do not worry, for this kind of “problem” we come to your rescue by proposing to use a free tool, which will allow you to view videos from YouTube as if they were created directly on Facebook: YT2FB.

For copyright reasons, it is not always possible to download and then reload YouTube videos on Facebook. This tool, however, allows you to share videos on Facebook from YouTube without giving up the possibility of creating an optimized preview for this social network. Using this software you will have the possibility to capture the attention of your audience in a much more effective way, managing to increase your interactions on the videos (try it for yourself!) While sharing from YouTube.


Online videos have given real estate agents the opportunity to take advantage of more options to get noticed completely for free. Videos are popular with customers interested in your market, and your clips can help them find you easily, as well as add value to your market experience. Add a good YouTube real estate strategy by following our advice, the results will be tangible.


 Real estate and social networks: Pinterest real estate

Your real estate agency’s website is up to date and well done. You have organized and planned the publication of new posts every week. You have created your Facebook page (of course!) And you are considering another social media that allows you to share your posts and give more visibility to your website. Have you tried to consider planning a real estate Pinterest strategy?

Your real estate Pinterest strategy

Buying, selling and renting houses are processed closely linked to the image. Precisely for this reason the Pinterest – Real estate agency binomial is getting stronger every day, to the point that the social network in question has proved to be a real trusted companion for professionals operating in the real estate market. In fact, by offering the possibility to show photos and content with attention to the smallest details, Pinterest can certainly make a significant contribution to the visibility of your brand. Thanks to the creation of boards, which is a set of pins grouped according to a common theme, and the sharing of high quality images, you can attract the attention of Pinterest users, and drive traffic to your website.

Using Pinterest in your business can be an efficient and effective way to build a personal relationship with your customer that is built on trust. Furthermore, this platform is widely populated by people looking for new ideas and new products to buy: in fact, 93% of users say they use the site to plan purchases.

For these reasons, Pinterest is an excellent platform, which must absolutely become part of your Social Media marketing strategy. Organizing a series of Pins (the equivalent of posts on Pinterest) to be published frequently during the day, can certainly help strengthen your presence on social networks, thus ensuring that all your new content is seen and shared within. of these platforms.

The steps to follow

Whether you are a completely new real estate agent or you are already quite experienced, we offer you a series of steps to follow to set up an effective real estate Pinterest strategy.

1. Define your target audience

The first step to take is to identify the niche to target within the vast real estate market. To do this, we advise you to answer a series of questions: what type of real estate agent do you identify with? Do you specialize in renting modern city skyscrapers or beachfront properties, or more? Defining your target will help you understand the most appropriate type of content, which is able to attract the attention of your customer. The fundamental element, in this case, is the maintenance of a common style in the publication of your images. For example, if you specialize in the sale of properties located in ski areas, it is important that you focus your attention on images that are as relevant as possible, such as beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, forest trails, warm atmospheres around a fireplace. with a good glass of hot chocolate.

2. Create the right boards

After creating a Pinterest account, before you even start pinning interesting content, you need to create Boards. The goal of these boards is to make potential customers discover interests they don’t even know they have. In this case, it is important to sell a real lifestyle, not just a product: don’t just show your customers your products or services, show them how all this can improve their lives.
It is therefore important to create boards that are in line with the tastes of your target. Take a look at your Pinterest page: would your Boards be able to spark interest in a Pinner and convince him to browse your Pins? Do you think your Pins are useful and valuable? If you can only give negative answers then it’s time to make some interesting changes! Follow a series of simple but extremely effective steps, which will allow you to highlight your real estate agency.

to. Make the titles of your boards obvious: even if creativity is a fundamental element, when it comes to choosing a title enter the keywords your target is looking for so that your board is shown in the search results of a potential customer.

b. Don’t overlook the description of your boards – Pinterest gives you the ability to use 500 characters, so make sure you make good use of your keywords here as well. This will help you to highlight your real estate agency, and therefore have a better chance of expanding your customer base.

c. Specify the category to which your boards belong: if you want your boards to be found by your target, you absolutely cannot forget this step! This will give you even more opportunities to increase your visibility in real estate searches.

d. Place your main boards at the forefront – the way you organize your boards can also have an effect on attracting new customers. 80% of Pinterest users use their smartphones to browse this social platform. For this reason, the organization of the Boards becomes a strategic aspect: put the Boards that you consider most important at the forefront, which can concern, for example, the services you offer or the list of houses for sale.

And. Organize your Boards based on topics: each board must have a different theme to ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. To understand what are the best topics for your boards, start by defining the characteristics of your ideal client and then discover their problems and therefore also how they can be solved. Identify the questions that arise and give them an answer. Find out what motivates them and what gets their attention and… provide it.

That said, you can proceed with choosing the topics of the boards: it is important that your boards arouse interest in your target. Instead of just dwelling on the creation of the now overwhelming listings of properties, you can think of creating different and more stimulating types of content. Here are some examples to take inspiration from for your real estate Pinterest strategy:

– Interior decorations: images relating to rooms designed by famous architects or specific solutions to renovate, for example, a fireplace, or to create a bar area, or other.
– Kids Rooms: Collection of ultra colorful and fun kids rooms.
– Different boards are dedicated to individual rooms, with different furnishing solutions.
– Useful tips: small solutions or furnishing elements that will make your home more welcoming, or even suggestions to enhance small spaces or real renovation projects.
– My ideal home: photos of dream properties, with endless green meadows, picturesque bridges and natural streams that line the garden.
– Do it yourself: beautiful, efficient, fun but above all simple to make solutions.
– Cycle and recycling: useful ideas and tips for recycling things otherwise destined for the garbage.
– List of houses for sale or rent: obviously it is important to have a board that refers to houses for sale or rent. Use real images, which can attract the attention of your potential customers. You could also think about writing more lists based on the key elements of the various properties (eg houses with swimming pools, houses with modern furnishings, country houses, etc …).
What’s beautiful about the neighborhood: this board cannot be missed and is linked to the previous one, showing everything you can do or see around a house (e.g. schools, the best restaurants, places to visit, shops, what to do in …).
– Houses sold: to show all your successes and your sales, preferably also accompanied by the testimonials of your customers (obviously in a short and effective way).
– Staff: real estate agencies develop a personal relationship with their clients, so not only do you need to know them in-depth, but they demand the same transparency from you. This allows you to increase the trust and solidity of the relationship. To build a board that talks about you and your team.

3. Collaborate with others

social media marketing pinterest real estate

Pinterest, like any other social platform, is not just about you and your business. It is important to follow other people and share interesting pictures posted by other profiles. Don’t get stuck in your own little world, but become an active and sociable pinner! Once you’ve signed up and created your account, follow other people or specific boards that may interest you, belonging to your industry (e.g. other real estate agents) or related areas (food, travel, jewelry, DIY, decoration, etc…). This way you will get more visibility and therefore you will have a better chance of being found by potential customers.

Another tool you can use to expand your network is group boards specifically for real estate agencies. Within these boards, everyone who is part of the group can post pins. So what changes compared to the classic Boards? Simple: when a pin is added, all the followers of those who are part of the group can see it, thus expanding your presence on the social platform exponentially.

4. Connect your boards to your website and all your social profiles

What is all this brand promotion for if you don’t spread the word? Linking your Pinterest account to your website is essential. The main elements to consider to attract people to your real estate agency’s website through Pinterest are basically two:

to. The content published on your blog: it is important to give users something worth clicking on, so share content with a good title, able to capture the attention of your target.

b. The image used: as repeatedly reiterated, being Pinterest a social network based on the sharing of images, these are certainly the most important element, able to whet the attention of potential customers. So you have to choose a high-quality image and link it to your blog post. To do this, you can follow two ways: share the post directly from your website, thus using the images contained therein, or create an ad hoc Pin within one of your Boards with a new and captivating image and insert the link to your website. We personally recommend this second option. Be careful though, do not use images taken from Google or other sites related to the real estate market, as this is a potential copyright infringement. To overcome this problem, we recommend paying a monthly subscription to specific websites, such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto, which allow you to find compelling images without violating any rules.

In addition to all of this, make sure you connect Pinterest to other social media as well, such as Twitter or Facebook. This way you can, for example, use the popularity of your Facebook account to attract followers on Pinterest and use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Twitter profile.

A study carried out by Hubspot has shown that Pins are more likely to go viral, for example than tweets: more than 80% of pins are reposted, while only 1.4% of tweets are re-tweeted. This once again underlines the importance of Pinterest as a brand promotion platform.

5. Get involved

It’s time to post your Pins. In this case, you have two options: share content posted by people you follow, who you find interesting and relevant to your business and the services you offer, or publish completely new Pins. As in the case of boards, a description can be added for each pin. Instead of seeing it as one more thing to do, consider it as a way to optimize your search engine presence and gain more exposure. Write a description that contains your keywords and that catches the attention of visitors, also adding some hashtags, and a link to your website. For each of these Pins, it is then important to define the board they belong to on the basis of the topic dealt with.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Pins’ potential:

to. Posting Pins that are particularly interesting and that have a high-quality image or video: blurry, poor, and boring images or videos do not attract anyone’s attention and therefore have almost no chance of being shared.
b. Use the so-called ” Rich Pin “: this type of Pin can really make a difference. Their main features are bold title and a better web link, which make it super effective and super visible.
c. Keep Pins descriptions simple and engaging – people are on Pinterest to look at photos, not to read novels. So as we pointed out earlier, try to write a description keyword-rich and short. You could even ask questions, to make the user feel more involved and thus encourage him to comment (eg “Can you picture yourself in this house?”).
d. Add the link to your website to the description: this not only serves to redirect your followers to your site but also to make sure that even when the Pin is shared, other users can reach you. Furthermore, directing potential customers to your website ensures that they can obtain more information, which will be decisive for their eventual conversion.
And. Make friends with hashtags: Enter hashtags that are relevant and relevant to the services you offer and to your account.

Last, but not least, you need to interact with your followers. Comment on Pins posted by others, reply to comments on your Pins and thank those who shared your Pins. As in all other social media, your Pinterest real estate strategy must be based on building relationships with your potential clients or other real estate agents.


There are thousands of types of businesses that populate Pinterest – if you want to stand out from the crowd, share what makes you unique! By following our advice you will succeed: with a little effort and in a short time, you will be able to use Pinterest in the best possible way, to reach all your potential customers. But be careful: as with all social media, you must have a constant and active presence on Pinterest, to reply to comments, to comment on other Pins and to share new and interesting content on your boards. Only in this way can you develop a truly effective real estate Pinterest strategy to increase the web reputation of your real estate brand.