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18 Unsuspected sources for your real estate content

In an age where the Internet reigns supreme, personalizing relationships with your customers has become essential, as has to create valid and innovative real estate content.

Moreover, with the increase of social platforms, today it becomes necessary for agents to have a strong online presence, developing ad hoc real estate content for each channel… a task that is far from easy. Gone are the days when a message, just because it was carefully prepared, could relatively easily reach the masses!

Your shoppers don’t just browse websites, they make their decisions based on what they readContent marketing thus becomes the tool with which to dominate search results, creating trust and attracting new customers.

Whether it’s a guide to homes for sale or a list of famous places, the content strategy must revolve around the buyer and the seller … which means looking for innovative ways to showcase your inventory, your experience, and your personality.

In this article, we will understand how to create original real estate content to gain a valuable competitive advantage.

But before we go through our tips, let’s see what it is useful to know before taking action!

Marketing with real estate content: transforming user engagement into profit

In the virtual world of “www”, visitors can simply read and appreciate your real estate content by deciding not to use the product or service you offer. What is important, therefore, is that your content builds trust in your brand, so that you can acquire a certain prestige in the real estate sector.

What you need is more than just content. You need a strategy. You need a plan on how to engage your audience and how to turn that engagement into profit.

Where to start? First of all, try to be clear:

1. What is your goal

  • Build trust and relationships with your customers
  • Attract new prospects
  • Provide solutions to customer problems
  • Building strategic partnerships

2. What kind of content you should post

If you read the vast majority of content marketing articles, you will be led to believe that writing blog posts are enough. In reality, content can take many forms: videos, infographics, e-books …

These categories are divided by type (guides, tutorials, etc.) or by topic (lead management, lead generation, web marketing, sales techniques, etc.).

3. What resources you will need

It depends on the type of content you want to produce and the characteristics of your business. Regardless of the size, however, you need to have some talented writer or blogger on your real estate agency team.

4. How do you measure your efforts

You also need to keep track of what the conversion rate of your real estate content is – which type of content or topic interests customers most and creates new leads? One of our favorite tools for determining this data is Google Analytics.

Creative real estate content ideas: what you can (and should) leverage

Let’s now review the main tools you can use to create truly innovative real estate content:

1. Video

Video tours are a great way to spice up your listings, and thanks to a great real estate blog, you can create a great post too. If you really want to make a memorable video, you may want to consider including some of your colleagues, for example, who tell the characteristics of the property for sale. We are not talking about spending thousands of euros, but shooting a very simple mini-video that shows “live” the properties for sale.

If you have a vacant property, you might also consider offering it to high school film students as a location for their latest horror thriller. This way you can positively contribute to your local community and showcase the property to a whole new audience.

Video marketing can also be a big expense for some, but licensed real estate agents who use it for their listings have a significant return on investment (ROI). In fact, 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses presentation videos. In addition, the houses for sale accompanied by videos, receive four times more requests than those that are not.

Once you’ve got the result you want, upload your videos to Youtube. More popular than classifieds websites, YouTube is now the main source of video search for home seekers. Consider opening your real estate channel on YouTube and make sure you use keywords in your video titles. Once published, you can easily share them through other social networks and also insert them on your website.

Furthermore, drones, or unmanned aircraft systems, are one of the most exclusive and innovative marketing ideas for real estate content. They can show potential buyers aerial views of the entire property, proximity to amenities, and much more.

2. Advice

To put it simply, buying or renting a house is new. Whether your customers are moving into a larger home, or a smaller one, a new home offers new possibilities or needs when it comes to furniture, appliances and other home products. Whenever you buy a new gadget or a new piece of furniture, consider the pros and cons, focusing in particular on how these items will contribute to everyday life: the new toaster that toasts two loaves at the same time, but takes up very little space on the counter; the rotating TV stand that gives the living room much more dynamism; etc … Include these thoughts in the real estate ad to make people understand the importance of your buying decisions and how these increase the value of the property.

3. Sketch

Real estate agents are sellers and sellers have strong personalities. Take advantage of it! Use humor by shooting a few short comic sketches with other agents and collaborators at your real estate agency to create creative real estate contentIn real estate, you build relationships and spend a lot of time with each client, so show that you are someone they will enjoy working closely with.

4. Interviews

Some may disagree with the idea of ​​letting customers into a salesperson’s life routines and experiences, arguing that it is best to keep business separate from the personal ends of the transaction. While we agree it’s important to take it slow, why not give owners a chance to prove their home’s value?

Try interviewing them (both adults and children) about why they love property. What prompted them to initially choose the house? What’s their favorite room? Their secret place? Without being too invasive, you might as well consider filming a typical day of theirs or, better yet, hand over the camera and let them provide themselves with visual proof of the things that make their property worth buying.

5. Ebook

Create ebooks that showcase homes for sale, but also cover topics of interest to your target. Ebooks are specially designed for downloading and reading on a digital device. They are unique multichannel marketing tools because they successfully drive leads with little or no agent investment.

As you write your ebook, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be exclusively about your product or service, rather about real estate topics that you are very knowledgeable about. If your readers notice that you are competent in that specific topic, they will be more likely to visit your website later. Also, add a call-to-action (CTA) to the end of your ebook to prompt customers to take the next action.

6. Interactive infographic

When creating an infographic, you should understand the topic your audience really wants to know more about and then conduct research via polls or interviews. The customization of the design is the best solution to stand out, instead of following trivial and ready-to-use models.

If you have good data and content, you can turn the infographic into a white paper, press release, or incorporate parts of it into an email campaign.

7. Gallery with photos of the sales area

Why describe a place when you can show it? Show the world how beautiful the area you work in every day is. You can also include photos in your social media strategy.

As an agent, you have more potential for real estate content than anyone could ever have. Take advantage of this and you will differentiate yourself among your competitors.

8. Snapchat or Instagram Stories

The real estate industry is all about images and therefore the real estate content you create could better reach your audience on Instagram or Snapchat. Snapchat In Italy? Absolutely yes, and the fact that hardly anyone uses it in this industry is a great opportunity, especially if your target is Millennials. You could surprise them, and not a little, by showing yourself attentive and active in one of their favorite alternative social networks.

Like? Snapchat promotes audience engagement and retention by sharing snapshots, photos, or videos in real time. Using stories for your business gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at your world.

Instagram images or videos can be kept permanently through the feed or for 24 hours through Instagram Stories. Instagram can also be an excellent channel as it has 1 billion monthly active users of which 53% are between 18-29 years old. The brand engagement is also 10 times higher than Facebook. The novelty of IGTV will then make a lot of talk about itself in the strategic field.

The opportunities are endless with Snapchat and Instagram stories, especially in a virgin real estate market like the Italian one, but make sure you have a solid content plan first.

9. Board Pinterest

Pinterest boards are a great way to deliver images and information to specific targets. It is possible to create a Pinterest board for a single property which, in addition to the photos of the properties, highlights the main advantages of the area.

10. Email storytelling campaigns

The narrative nature of content marketing is now a strategic priority. Stories humanize your brand and allow you to emotionally connect with your customers.

For example, you could tell the story of a famous neighborhood or how important the area where the property you just acquired is located is for the generations that have grown up there.

So, you could turn these emails into blog posts. For real estate agents who don’t update their blog, these types of emails will connect with current and prospective clients, delivering engaging content straight to their inbox.

11. Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build an initial relationship with customers. Enter in your database the email addresses that potential customers leave you in the appropriate forms of your website or thanks to any other initiative, even offline, suitable for this purpose. Send subscribers emails related to their topics of interest: alerts on upcoming Open House events, new homes on the market, news on the seminars you are offering in the area, etc … (note: if you work in different geographic areas, you need to segment yours, subscribers, to the newsletter based on their geographic location, making sure they only receive relevant emails and updates).

12. Lead nurturing email campaign

Lead nurturing email campaigns guide users to their dream home.

Leave your customers a trail by adapting your interactions to their interests based on the actions they have taken. If they have attended an Open House event with you for the first time, please email them with other open visiting events in the same area. If they have been attending a homebuyer seminar for the first time, send them your “10 Things Every New Buyer Should Know” ebook. Provide real estate content that will help your clients take the next step.

13. Webinar

Scheduling a webinar can be a great way to draw attention to your agency. Organize webinars with captivating and valuable titles, such as “12 Little Known Things to Look for in a New Home,” providing answers to customers’ problems or concerns. Webinars can also be reused as YouTube videos, as they are real estate content that can stay permanently on your website!

14. Free seminars for real estate buyers

Share your knowledge with the community by holding mini-seminars.

Remember, users today want you to share some of your knowledge for free before investing time and money in your business. Yes, it will take time and energy, but the participants will be impressed and will have established a relationship with you. This ratio will work back in your favor when they are ready to make their purchase.

15. Local magazines

When it comes to real estate, it is important to focus your efforts on the local market. Writing in local magazines or newspapers is a great way to get yourself and your brand out there. Try to show your industry knowledge, write for example about how the rise in house prices on the market shows that the city is becoming more popular and in demand.

16. Brand

Your brand is your greatest ally – this also means creating pens, notebooks and other gadgets that carry your brand. Distribute some items printed with your brand logo at local festivals and events to make yourself known to a new target. In a nutshell, start doing real estate personal branding to make yourself known and appreciated!

17. Interactive calculators and quizzes

You can get an edge over your competitors through interactive content. Without even having a direct conversation, you can guide them in your marketing funnel. Interactive content can generate 12 times more leads than another type of content.

For example, with a mortgage calculator, you can compare price differences quite easily. Instead of asking the user to enter values, they are given scrolling options. By asking for more, you can get a complete customer profile. The combination of these factors makes the whole customer experience useful and engaging.

While a mortgage calculator is perfect for prospects who are in the middle of the funnel, you can create fun quizzes for who is at the top of the funnel. Think of quizzes like “Which celebrity will love staying in my house?” in order to understand the characteristics of each customer and property for sale. A great tool for this is SurveyMonkey.

18. Podcast

You can hear them while driving, walking the dog, doing housework or having lunch. So why not take advantage of the growing popularity of podcasts and put them on your channel?

You could create a mix of podcasts where you just talk and others where you do interviews. In the case of interviews, be sure to interview interesting people such as local residents you could talk to about the neighborhood, or colleagues to discuss industry challenges with! People can’t wait to find out what you’ll come up with for the next episode. If you achieve this, nothing can stop you.


We have therefore seen that content marketing represents one of the fundamental strategies in the context of real estate web marketing and that to implement it it is necessary to plan, create and promote content capable of distinguishing itself for the value offered to a specific target. For this strategy to be effective, it is necessary that the recipients find the contents useful, ending up being engaged by them.

For this reason, information content and communication via the web have become strategically essential to reach one’s audience, especially in the case of B2C companies, such as real estate agencies in large part.

Content marketing today needs the right tools that can transform visitors into customers and subsequently into profit even in the medium and long term. In fact, it is useless to have many users on your website if it is not able to transform these visits into real contacts. It would be like entrusting an assignment to a salesman who is not good at all who cannot close even the “easiest” deal.

The advertising competition between real estate agencies is often high, acquiring skills in real estate web marketing can be decisive for breaking up the competition. Having the tools without traffic or vice versa is equivalent to the fisherman trying to catch fish with a pierced net.

The ones listed in this article are just some of the possibilities to breathe new life into your real estate content. Take some time to think about alternative ideas and, very soon, you will start having less competition and more customers.

Do you think these ideas can work? Let us know what results in you have achieved by following our advice. Write us in the comments below and share the article!

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Paid real estate advertising: all the trends to keep an eye on

Let’s talk about digital advertising and how much impact an online sponsorship campaign has on the performance of a real estate company.

Let’s start by asking you: are you aware that the value of your business may vary based on the choice of paid advertising you implement for your real estate agency?

If the answer to this question is yes, then congratulations! You are one of the types of real estate agents who have already understood the importance of doing paid advertising, so don’t miss any of the tips you will find in this guide.

If the answer is negative and you feel an entrepreneur is still too skeptical of online advertising, we advise you to investigate all the trends that characterize real estate advertising, and thus look for the one that best suits your business.

Already starting from 2019, to reach its peak in 2020, the scenario of online advertising has changed its face: one statistic argues that digital advertising is growing positively by 90%, compared to the 25% with which it is destined to grow on other channels such as television and press.

Paid real estate advertising: from paper to digital, with no middle ground

It has been easily demonstrated how much paper advertising is now destined to disappear to make room for more and more digital advertising; This change of direction and needs has undoubtedly affected the vast majority of businesses and companies, regardless of the professional sectors of reference.

In the specific case of real estate agencies, it has already been proven that online advertising leads to today more satisfying results in terms of conversions, new possible leads, and visibility in general, compared to the results obtained if you choose to sponsor your brand through the most traditional promotion.

A case in point that could make you understand in detail what is meant by effective and satisfying paid real estate advertising, is precisely what concerns the use of LinkedIn Real Estate Ads.

Thanks to a tool like LinkedIn Ads Immobiliare, you can in fact think of investing in advertising and getting the right return for your brand.

As for all the other possible ways to invest correctly in paid real estate advertising, we will talk later in a specific and detailed way to help you and advise you. The choice of the type of digital advertising that best suits your professional needs is not to be underestimated.

A note that we feel obliged to make in this regard is precise to advise against using all the platforms available on the web to promote your business: they would be investments to lose and now we will explain why!

Before focusing on what are the platforms and ways to do online advertising, let’s focus on the trends to invest correctly on the web and not risk making mistakes.

Here are the new trends to invest in paid real estate advertising and hit the mark

  1. Emotional videos: one of the real estate trends that is gaining momentum is undoubtedly that of making real emotional videos inside the apartments that are offered for sale or rent. In this way, paid advertising will have feedback in terms of innovation and visibility for your real estate agency;
  2. Online identity (more commonly called brand building): rely on experienced professionals in the sector who will be able to create the right mix of visibility and focus on products for your real estate agency. In this way, the results will potentially be even wider in the digital world. To date, for a company, the identity on the web is essential to obtain greater results and reach as many leads as possible.
  3. Remarketing: in the real estate sector, remarketing is undoubtedly one of the most productive activities. It is clear that investing in remarketing with online advertising becomes even more exponentially positive. Because? Of course, because trying to generate new leads through contacts who have already shown interest in your brand should be easier than the work of generating leads from scratch. The reason why choosing to focus on a well-done remarketing should be among the priorities of a real estate agent who aims to generate new leads.
  4. Artificial intelligence: a detail that is thought to become essential in most avant-garde real estate companies is precisely that of exploiting AI. In fact, it is said that more and more tasks can be delegated to automation so that the professional can devote more time and resources to other business development strategies.
  5. An eye always attentive to the new types of Ads: as already mentioned, progress does not wait and you will not have to be caught unprepared. In fact, there are some interesting projects regarding the world of Ads. On the web, more and more channels are made available for entrepreneurs who want to invest in online advertising. Remember that a well-built online campaign is always a positive investment for your business.

The importance of building an audience consistent with your business

Paid advertising changes focus. Digital marketing is also evolving at the speed of light, so a strategy that worked well until some time ago probably wouldn’t get you the same results today. In the specific case, we are talking about advertising and therefore the importance of keywords during an online campaign: if until some time ago, the use of keywords during online sponsorship campaigns was a basic element, today it is no longer properly so.

To get even more productive results from paid advertising done by your real estate agency, the focus on which your campaigns will have to be based will be the audience.

It will be (and already is) very important to segment your audience in the right way. In this case, since these are possible users interested in the real estate world, you will need to have a complete and obsessive command of the type of users potentially interested in your business.

To improve this aspect related to customer targeting, advertising platforms help you greatly. Most of them, in fact, during the construction phase of the campaign give you the possibility to define specifically who you want to contact.

To be able to obtain positive results through online sponsorships, following the segmentation method, you will therefore from now on carefully analyze the data, traffic, interactions, to build a real identikit relating to the potential audience really interested.

After all, what you will have to focus on will undoubtedly be the professionalism of the service offered and the quality of the product that your real estate agency is promoting online.

Study and create your online sponsorship campaigns in this new perspective, and they will become a must that will lead your business to incredible results.

In fact, it has been tested that having an audience that is truly interested in the brand and therefore well built, can bring significant returns for the company, much more than what keywords do now during an active online sponsorship.

By following this suggestion, you will in fact be able to identify the audience your campaigns are targeting: and since you are a professional in the sector, you will know that this result is the dream of every entrepreneur.

What are the platforms on which to invest?

As already mentioned, every type of business needs an accurate analysis before studying which are the best marketing strategies to be implemented; it is easy to understand that given the number of possibilities that the web offers today, it would be counterproductive for a brand to be “everywhere”.

So how do you understand which is the best source of digital advertising for your real estate agency?

First of all, to understand where you want to aim, you will need to understand where you are starting from.

It will therefore be necessary for you, together with your marketing team, to pause to take stock of the situation and clearly define the essential aspects, before starting any type of online sponsorship.

A couple of ideas from which we could start are these reflections:

  • What are the goals in terms of the results I want to achieve from this sponsorship?
  • Who is my buyer persona, who am I talking to?

By following these two simple questions, it will already be easier to define and shape a strategy related to that single advertising campaign, aware of what the potential final result is.

However, if, during the brainstorming phase, it is not possible to give concrete answers to the questions suggested above, then our advice is to block the idea of ​​doing paid advertising from the beginning. In this way you would risk, not having clear objectives, of only wasting money and time without obtaining concrete results.

But be careful: this advice should not mean that your real estate agency does not need to invest in digital advertising, on the contrary. It will mean that you will have to study the situation more carefully to find the best strategy and make the web your strong point.

How many types of advertising are available?

Speaking in broader terms of digital marketing translated to the real estate business, the types of online advertising that could be adapted and exploited are mainly four:

  1. Email advertising
  2. Classified advertising
  3. Display advertising
  4. Search advertising

Let’s now see them individually in detail:

  • Email advertising: this category includes all those emails sent massively (we are talking about newsletters ) in which the only purpose of the sender is advertising. As for real estate agencies, as a business model specifically, this type of advertising is extremely productive and satisfying. The message comes directly to a possible lead, who will almost certainly have real estate needs for sale, purchase or investment.
  • Classified advertising: with this type of advertising we mean all those spaces dedicated to the promotion of a product, purchased by companies to have greater visibility on websites dedicated to online purchases. In this case, a real estate agency could think of acquiring an advertising space to dedicate to the property of the month or a banner that directly sponsors its brand.
  • Display advertising: it is an interesting type of advertising, very useful for those who, browsing from mobile, come across your sponsorships. Display advertising is in fact one of the first forms of online advertising that has brought concrete results to digital entrepreneurs. Although integrated with other online advertising concepts, banners and pop-ups still manage to do their promotional duty today.
  • Search advertising: this method of advertising is in second place in importance, second only to display advertising; Choosing this type of advertising in fact provides a strategy aimed at visibility as your real estate agency will acquire greater visibility on search engines and will exponentially increase the possibility that a customer will click on your website before doing so on that of the competitor on duty.

Is investing in paid advertising really worth it?

If you have reached this point and you are also wondering whether or not investing money and energy in paid advertising is a convenient choice for your real estate business, don’t worry: it’s all normal.

There are many skeptical entrepreneurs who still believe they can take advantage of traditional channels and obtain satisfactory results, leaving aside the world of digital.

The trick lies precisely in trying to change the mentality of approach to the business itself: if you detach yourself for a moment from the professional habits that characterize the daily routine and try to invest in something new, seeing the change with your own eyes will be beautiful.

According to interesting research conducted by Harvard concerning the world of online advertising, doing paid advertising is much more convenient for SMEs than for industry giants.

The reason? Of course, it is all based on the corporate visibility obtained. An SME certainly needs to make itself known and find its share of the market in the huge cake of potential customers. Much more than a world-famous behemoth needs, it’s clear.

Here then, thanks to digital advertising, it is possible to obtain interesting results that touch different points of focus for a business:

  • more visits to the website;
  • more contacts from interested customers;
  • more online sharing by users learning about the brand;
  • greater number of appointments set.

In the specific case of real estate agencies, choosing to focus on digital advertising could prove to be a pleasant and productive discovery.

Suffice it to say that as regards the real estate business in particular, everything always starts from the Internet.

The web is in fact the first place where potential customers interface with your real estate agency. Don’t you think that if they already saw sponsorships of your brand online, they would arrive more aware and prepared? We believe so.

Trust in a particular brand leads the customer to approach it in a more open and positive way; this data should not be underestimated in an era in which we are all constantly bombarded by a myriad of possibilities and services made available to us online and offline.

Paid real estate advertising and social networks

Up to now, we have chosen to focus on the ideas about online advertising, talking exclusively about the technical ways to carry out sponsorship campaigns.

However, the time has come to mention an equally important aspect: social networks. As they are platforms in constant evolution and change, taking advantage of social networks to sponsor your brand is not wrong at all.

It is understood that the conditions listed above must remain firm in terms of target, audience and product, some of the social networks have proved to be interesting places in which to sell a service/product or simply create curiosity in the customer.

If you have a real estate agency, you will certainly know that multi-channel communication is essential. To build an effective and productive marketing plan, it will be essential to act on several fronts. Let’s take a practical example.

You will not be able to hope to obtain the predetermined results if you choose to limit the active promotions only and exclusively to a web channel.

Your website must be adequately indexed, the sponsored ones must run online and be visible to all, the social channels well cared for and clear. In short, you will not have to be caught unprepared by the user who wanders the web looking for what you have to offer him.

As for the social networks specifically, the ones that will certainly be most suitable for your sponsorships are LinkedInFacebook and for some time, given the interesting updates, also Instagram.

Have you decided that the time has finally come to invest in paid real estate advertising? You will not regret

Differentiate yourself from your competitors, keep up with the times. Choosing to be present (in the correct way) on the web, can only bring advantages to your real estate agency.

Those who choose to invest in paid real estate advertising are unlikely to retrace their steps. Unless you have chosen the wrong professional to entrust the marketing of your company to, you will certainly be satisfied with having invested in online advertising.

Whether your company is geographically located in a small provincial reality or in a large urban center, this is not of interest to the web. Remember that thanks to the World Wide Web you can go anywhere and get incredible results.

Investing in paid real estate advertising will undoubtedly give your agency that extra edge that you may have been trying to identify for some time.

As you have read, the ways and choices to make good digital advertising are really many.

We have preferred to list which are the best online promotion channels for a real estate business.

The main advice remains to rely, at least initially, on expert digital real estate marketing consultants who can help you study the situation and clearly define the points on which you need to act to improve.

Otherwise, as a self-taught person in the sector, you will have to take into account the possibility of making wrong choices, not being immediately productive, and perhaps improving gradually with the strategy to be implemented.

If you, intrigued by the subject, would like to deepen the aspect linked to the individual channels available on which to promote on the web in a more technical and detailed way, we invite you to read our real estate web advertising guide, which will certainly be able to dissolve many of your doubts and concerns about it.

In the meantime, we hope that after reading our advice, you can rush to develop the best marketing strategy for your real estate business, investing in paid advertising in the most correct way and managing to really hit the mark.

How to choose what is the best strategy for boosting a real estate business?

  • Define clear and actionable goals
  • Have full awareness of which tools you can use

Paid advertising is certainly a tool not to be underestimated for SMEs as it is clear that they are the ones who need it most in terms of visibility and lead generation.

Think about your real estate agency: do you believe that investing in paid advertising can bring concrete benefits? We really think so.