SMS marketing

SMS real estate marketing: all the strategies

The real estate sector, like any other business, has always been based on direct contact with people.

If in the past the relationship between you – real estate agent – and your clients, took place almost exclusively by telephone and/or with meetings in the agency, today you know that this is no longer the case. In fact, the rhythms of current working life force you to optimize your time and your actions, including communication.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way of communicating and continues to do so, giving, in general, the possibility of putting people in contact wherever they are, without limits of time and space.

Taking advantage of the news that the digital communication sector offers to the advantage of your business is very important, choosing the most suitable channel for you is equally important. If you’ve already approached social media real estate marketingSMS marketing real estate it will sound more than familiar.

The SMS is a communication tool that is still very current, the fulcrum of the commercial strategies of many companies.

The feeling that sending short text messages is now an outdated system when compared to the most modern instant messaging systems (we have already dealt with the issue of using Whatsapp in the real estate sector ), is definitely wrong.

Sending advertising messages offers you many advantages in promoting your company but, to get the best results, it is necessary to know its characteristics, its potential and to keep well away from some mistakes. Only in this way is it possible to develop the strategy that best suits your goals.

Communicating is the prerogative of a real estate agent, doing it in the right way and differentiating yourself with the real estate marketing SMS is a great opportunity, so as to increase your work and fully satisfy your customers.

What is real estate SMS marketing?

In general, SMS marketing means all promotional and advertising actions that are carried out through the use of text messages sent to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc …).

Sending SMS informs customers about current offers, as well as about their own products.

In the real estate sector, the use of advertising SMS translates into the action of constant updating, offered to its customers / potential buyers, on the proposals of the local real estate market. Without a doubt, it is to be considered as one of the main real estate marketing strategies that an agency should implement.

In detail, here’s what you can communicate in real-time with an SMS:

  • Acquisitions of new properties
  • Discounts on old properties
  • Updates and news on your website
  • Appointment reminder
  • Events promoted by your real estate agency (for example an Open House )

Obviously, these are just some examples of the use of SMS real estate marketing since the possibilities are many and they can include everything you deem useful to promote your company and grow your business.

Send different SMS, but which serve to transmit a single message: that you are a professional who is always ready and attentive to the needs of your customers.

SMS and mobile marketing

Real estate SMS marketing is part of a much wider field of action represented by mobile marketing.

This expression indicates all communication and promotion activities conveyed through contents transmitted to mobile devices, reaching customers directly and immediately.

Mobile marketing is currently experiencing a strong expansion, destined to further increase, in relation to the growth of the presence of mobile devices in people’s daily lives. The data from the last Global Digital Report of We Are Social and Hootsuite have shown that the rate of ownership of smartphones is high and growing.

87% of Italians use messaging services and people check their phone up to 150 times a day.

Mobile marketing thus becomes a primary need for companies.

The activities that can be carried out are innumerable, they depend on the type of business that you want to promote and what objectives the company wants to achieve.

AppMMSQR codes are some of the tools of Mobile marketing and among them, SMS offers high effectiveness of action, thanks to its great potential and numerous advantages. From this point of view, SMS marketing is an indispensable system for your work.

After all, the change in real estate promotion has long been a reality: we are facing a global scenario in constant transformation and characterized by new communication techniques, so staying behind can penalize you.

The benefits of SMS marketing for your business

Sending advertising SMS to your customers is one of the simplest actions you can take to boost your real estate business.

The advantages of SMS marketing are under the eyes of all professionals in the communication sector and they are certainly clear even to those who, like you, are looking for a way to improve, but above all to implement effective communication.

1. It’s cheap

Compared to the total costs of other types of advertising campaigns, both traditional and non, sending SMS is much cheaper.

In fact, there are several proposals offered by the platforms specialized in the SMS sending service: from free registrationadvantageous annual fee, the cost for sending a single message, etc …

2. It is immediate

Advertising campaigns conducted with real estate marketing SMS allow you to communicate with your customers instantly, within seconds, and with a few steps.

3. High reception

SMS has a reception and opening rate of almost 100%.

In fact, the mobile phone is always at hand, the time between receiving and reading a message is almost immediate.

Results of this kind are difficult to achieve even with a real estate email marketing campaign, even if well designed. On average, in fact, a person reads an SMS within a few minutes, a time that turns into hours, however, in the case of an email.

4. Short and punchy

Another aspect that makes real estate SMS marketing an excellent solution for your business is the brevity of the message you send.

In a few lines, you can communicate the useful information you want to give to your customers.

5. Personalization and targeting

Among the options offered by the service platforms for sending SMS, there is the selection of customers, choosing from those who are really interested in the message you want to communicate. Doing so increases the response rate.

6. Monitoring of results

All messages sent can be tracked in order to know, after sending, by whom they were read and when. In this way, you can check the effectiveness or otherwise of your SMS marketing campaign and make the necessary corrections.


The winning real estate marketing SMS: some rules

SMS marketing works, as we have described, very simply. It basically consists in sending promotional messages, offers and more generally useful information, using a special platform and thus reaching your customers directly through their cell phones (or mobile devices).

Even if its mechanism is extremely elementary, it requires rules, some of which already characterize other initiatives that constitute a functional real estate communication strategy.

1) Create a database building

Creating a contact list is the first and fundamental action to take when you want to implement a real estate SMS marketing campaign. In fact, it is clear that without recipients there is no one to whom to transmit the message.

The main rule of SMS marketing is to send messages to those who have given consent to receive them, thus showing a clear interest.

Certainly the opportunity to exploit, to acquire the telephone number from a potential customer in order to use it for the commercial SMS, is the meeting in the agency or the first telephone contact. The sending of messages must be to your customers as an additional service offered by you, to inform in real-time about the real estate opportunities present and chosen on the exclusive basis of the requests expressed.

We must not forget, then, that to acquire new contacts you must not only consider who goes to the agency or calls you, but also who visits your website. Therefore it is necessary to create a special registration/adhesion form with which those interested can leave their telephone numbers and thus become part of your database.

Finally, it is useful to periodically update the contact list, not only adding new ones but also checking the status of the existing ones.

2) Set goals

Deciding to include sending SMS as one of your promotional strategies is certainly an important first goal, but it is not enough. To make your SMS marketing campaign truly functional, you need to come up with a precise plan.

Set goals to achieve in the short and long term.

If, for example, you have recently acquired some properties, the sending of the message can be aimed at inviting people to visit your website to view all the detailed information and photos. Conversely, if you intend to focus on just one property, it may be more functional to send a message to only the customers who might be interested, including a link within the text.

In addition, to create a continuous relationship with your customers, sending periodic messages on the news proposed by your agency is another option not to be overlooked.

These are just a few examples, as the best strategy is the one built on the basis of your real promotion and sales needs.

3) Choose the platform for sending SMS

Choosing the tool (platform) to which to entrust the message sending operations is the step that allows you to concretely implement your real estate SMS marketing action.

Do-it-yourself is absolute to be excluded.

Relying on a platform specialized in sending mass messages is therefore essential to obtain the desired results.

The possibilities for choosing a platform are many and all generally characterized by a low economic investment compared to the service offered. MailUp and Mailchimp are among the best known, but the offers on the market are different and constantly expanding.

In any case, the criteria to be taken into account for the choice are:

  • Simplicity in creation and sending
  • Speed ​​and ability to send
  • Successful delivery and reading function
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Automation
  • Monitoring and measurement of results

These are basic parameters that can help you in your evaluation, but the best platform is the one that best suits your SMS marketing needs.

4) Segment and customize SMS

If, as we have already indicated, one of the important aspects of your campaign must be that of setting objectives, consequently the communication contained in your messages must be focused, i.e. addressed to a specific reference target.

Choose the recipients interested in the message you want to communicate.

Since your goal is to sell the properties in your real estate portfolio to potentially interested buyers, you should first segment the potential recipients on the basis of the indications expressed by them in the purchase request.

For example, it is not a recommended move to inform a client about the acquisition of a new studio apartment for sale if he is looking for a large property. Conversely, if it is a client interested in a general real estate investment, then the message could be useful for him.

Additionally, messaging platforms offer some filters that can help you target your recipients. Buying behavioral information, personal and geographical data can help you further narrow the range of action towards which to direct you.

A preliminary analysis conducted in this way allows you to optimize the sending and make your real estate SMS marketing campaign effective, spending even less.

5) Create the right content

One of the main characteristics of the SMS is its brevity. You have 160 characters to be able to communicate clearly and concisely.

You must be able to provide all the useful information in a few words, managing to capture the attention of the recipient of the message. In fact, it is not enough to simply communicate to your contacts that you have acquired a new property but to make them understand how this can be advantageous for them. In practice: what does it gain?

The message must be processed in such a way as to invite the recipient to action ( Call-to-action ). Formulas such as: “ Visit our site ” or “ Call us to find out more ” can transform the message into concrete action by the contact.

Don’t forget, text messages are useful for building a relationship with your contacts. So you have to engage in the conversation when necessary, especially if it was born as a result of your real estate SMS marketing action.

A simple contact turns into a potential and then a real customer.

Mistakes to avoid in real estate marketing SMS

If it is clear to you that following a few simple rules is essential to create a functional SMS marketing plan for your promotional objectives, you will hardly go wrong. The perfect promotional action doesn’t exist and you can always improve, but knowing in advance what not to do can save you many mistakes.

1) Messages too frequent

Consider that people are bombarded with advertisements of all kinds and by all means every day.

They shouldn’t perceive your message as annoying.

Better to avoid appearing insistent by sending too frequent messages. Choose the delivery timing that best suits your customers and what you want to promote. The client must consider receiving the message as one of the real estate services you are offering him to better support him.

This method must take into account, however, that your goal is also to create continuous and lasting contact with your customers. Therefore, an SMS sent periodically serves to consolidate the relationship.

2) Wrong delivery time

Sending a message on the wrong day or time can jeopardize your entire real estate SMS marketing strategy.

Holidays and weekends are absolute to be avoided, as well as nighttime slots. Furthermore, according to what emerged from many statistics, Monday is a bit of the black beast for communication, being the day of the week during which people interact the least.

3) Equal content

If you carry out the preliminary segmentation and personalization study well, you will surely avoid sending identical messages to all your contacts. But why is this important? If you know the annoyance you feel when you find yourself receiving SMS greetings in series, you also understand what your contact may think when reading your standard and pre-packaged message.

4) Badly written messages

Paying little attention not only to what is written in the message but also to how it is written – that is, the form used – can be at the expense of the whole action. This is a very serious mistake because it offers the image of a company that is careless and of poor credibility.

5) Having little patience

The SMS is direct and immediate communication, but the same does not apply to the results it produces. This means that, like all marketing initiatives, you have to allow yourself some time to create a database of contacts and to actively involve them, before you can start receiving positive feedback.

Simple and effective real estate marketing with SMS

You can be able to promote your agency and your work with many and different tools, but SMS marketing is certainly the simplest to implement because it is within everyone’s reach.

Communication with SMS allows achieving important marketing objectives even for a small company.

You don’t need to be a super marketing expert or have a host of professionals with you to process your SMS promotion.

Knowing the rules and putting into practice the precautions we have indicated will allow you to integrate SMS marketing into your digital strategy in a simple way, expanding the pool of buyers and establishing a profitable relationship with them over time.

Real estate marketing SMS is one nuance that can make a big difference in turning a prospect into your next sales opportunity.

Consider the use of SMS not only as your promotional opportunity but as a way to offer the customer important and useful information service, to help him better in his real estate search.

The sooner you start using SMS marketing, as a communication tool for your real estate business, the sooner you will see your growth increase, not only in terms of tangible results but also in terms of reputation.

All this can be achieved in a few easy steps, carefully choosing the platform that best suits your way of communicating with customers and arming yourself with a little patience.

If you work well and consistently, SMS marketing can become your most faithful commercial ally, which will be difficult to give up.