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What are the new real estate SEO trends?

Let’s start from the basics: what is meant by SEO and why is the real estate sector interested so much, not limiting itself only and exclusively to digital marketing? In this guide, you will find all the useful tips to increase the visibility of your real estate agency on the web and you will not miss any of the new real estate SEO trends 2020.

Are you thinking that you have finally found the right guide to dissolve your doubts? You are absolutely right! By taking care of the part relating to real estate SEO, your business could find benefits and greater visibility on the web.

It must be admitted that the trend certainly started even before 2019 and in fact, we have already dealt with the topic ” SEO trends ” several times in the WeAgentz blog, but it is now clear that in 2020, the one relating to the importance of the online presence for every type of company, it will now be a daily reality.

If you are a real estate agent, you will know that to conclude a negotiation, the “old-fashioned” work to which you have been accustomed up to now will certainly not be enough. It is no coincidence that digital marketing and the real estate sector now go hand in hand. They are two worlds that can become complementary and some real estate agents have already understood this for some time.

To succeed in collecting a large and adequate slice of the market, you will necessarily have to confront yourself with the current reality and stay up to date on the latest news on the web. The world of the World Wide Web is today a potentially high-impact tool for increasing the volume of your real estate business and therefore concluding more deals. The secret? It is to know it in all its facets.

Here is the reason why in this guide we will reveal to you what are the best strategies to use to better take care of your real estate SEO and above all what will be the real estate SEO trends in the now very close 2020.

Among the many activities that you will have to carry out to be able to give the right value to the part relating to the online image of your agency, there will be the one related to SEO optimization, obviously applied specifically to the real estate sector. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The world of the web and with it of course also that of digital marketing, have opened the doors to new and potentially positive scenarios for every business model. Why not learn about them and use them to increase the potential turnover of your business? In this sense, the new real estate SEO trends 2020 could be of significant importance for you.

Not only for this, but also for many other reasons that we will explain later, it will be essential for the success of the visibility of your real estate agency on the web, or for the maintenance of your online positioning, that you have a complete perception of all new real estate SEO trends 2020. Before listing what the new trends and strategies for not falling behind are in practice, however, let’s try to analyze what SEO specifically is and why we consider it fundamental.

Trend SEO: a continuous evolution that needs constant updating

What is SEO? By SEO, in a broad and non-sectorial way, we mean the maximum optimization on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc … of a particular website, or of any content published online. Of course, being an ever-changing world, SEO parameters also change at lightning speed. To be absolutely sure that your website respects SEO trends and is, therefore, well-positioned, you will need to keep in mind the technical precautions that we suggest in this practical guide.

In reality, SEO, an acronym for ” Search Engine Optimization “, contains all those technical measures certainly necessary for the optimization of a website, but with the sole purpose of bringing as much organic traffic to those contents. What does it mean to have a large influx of organic traffic on your real estate agency’s website? It is easy to understand that if the work on SEO has been well done, your website will be rewarded by search engines and therefore will climb its positions in the SERP, thus increasing the chances of having greater visibility and consequently greater conversions and therefore sales. .

Precisely to try not to be left behind by managing non-indexed and hardly visible websites, digital marketing experts constantly study and monitor the performance of search engines and what is rewarded compared to what is penalized.

Real estate SEO: what it is and what it is for

How does the concept of real estate SEO differ? Of course, since this is an aspect strictly related to the content, it is clear that there are practical tips that interest the real estate world to bring your agency’s website to maximum optimization on search engines and obtain organic traffic of users interested in the topic. treaty.

To get more organic traffic and therefore take care of the aspect linked to the online identity of your real estate agency, you will need SEO work aimed at that particular product category, in this case precisely, the sector of real estate sales, or property finding, or at judicial real estate auctions.

It should be noted that working on the SEO of a digital project is a commitment that requires time and a lot of patience. Since these are real results and organic traffic, growth in this sense will necessarily have to take place slowly and gradually. So be wary of anyone who tells you that you can work well on SEO and hope to obtain immediate results: they would in any case be temporary and not long-term goals.

The new real estate SEO trends 2020, in this case, meet the needs of professionals, thus helping experts to pull the strings regarding the aspects on which they must focus and those that can be omitted or modified compared to the past. Are you ready to take note? Here are the new real estate SEO trends to keep in mind to improve your business from now until the next few months.

Here are 3 useful tips to increase organic traffic to your real estate website thanks to SEO

  1. Take advantage of the inbound marketing channel to attract new customers: it will be necessary to research and use keywords related to the topic and have the necessary patience to wait for the related ones identified by you to bring the right results. Let’s explain: the most searched keywords, are also the most competitive ones as well as being the most expensive ones; they will be the same ones that will penalize you because they will make you enter a huge bubble of content that all focus on the same keyword and with good chances, yours will not have great visibility. To do a good job of real estate SEO, you will need to use keywords that have a similar search pattern to the main ones, but that are less used by other users. By following this scheme, you can in fact take care of the content marketing of your real estate blog, trying to position yourself well with those new keywords and, with a good chance, you will attract readers who are really interested in the topic in question.
  2. Value your brand: Learn how to use the strength of your brand to get noticed by search engines. Statistically, Google appreciates and values websites that have a ranking relevance, as they have received approval from the public. To make this parameter captivating, it will be necessary to know how to distinguish yourself by taking courageous actions that could hit the mark. In reality, there is no magic formula to accomplish this technique, but you can try and often succeed, with a good dose of corporate courage. To obtain considerable results, it will therefore be essential to take different steps from those of the competition: stand out and certainly, the web will appreciate it. Some tips in this regard could be to really help the potential user by solving a problem, to create quality content that is different from the usual seen and reviewed or to respond quickly to the requests of potential buyers.
  3. Increase the popularity of your real estate website by implementing a good link-building strategy: focusing on well-built link building is one of the SEO techniques that has always generated great results. To date, however, doing link building as we have been used to, no longer makes much sense. This is because the web has become a box too full of content, thus significantly lowering the level of quality. To try to make your real estate website popular, you could study something creative that allows for the implementation of an innovative link-building strategy.

Real Estate SEO Trend 2020: Here’s everything you need to know

Let’s get to the heart of the topic of this guide dedicated to qualified real estate professionals: in the next paragraphs, we will analyze all the real estate SEO trends that will characterize the new year. In this case, starting to put some of the tips we suggest into practice, trust me, will not be a bad move.

1. The web search changes mode: from written to vocal

A recent statistic has predicted that in 2020, about 30% of web searches will be done by voice and no longer by manually typing words on a keyboard.

The exponential growth of voice search is also significantly changing many parameters related to SEO; the statistic in question, published by E-Consultancy, has identified and analyzed a revolution already underway in the world of the web which will have its maximum peak in 2020.

In this sense, many of the parameters related to SEO as it is understood in the traditional way, are missing. Rest assured though: there are some useful tips to update yourself to this new search method and not lose even a possible buyer.

Being able to be found by search engines and consequently by interested users through the voice search mode completely changes the way of doing SEO and, clearly, only the brands that will succeed in this evolutionary intent will be the ones that will get more results in the future.

Let’s take a practical example: using tools such as Siri or Google Assistant, the user will formulate their search so that the artificial intelligence they are referring to can understand and satisfy it. The way in which a user communicates by asking for information using his own voice is certainly different than when typing the exact same request on the keyboard.

You will understand well, therefore, how quickly everything changes. A tip to be able to optimize the website of your real estate agency so that it can also be visible as a response to voice searches is undoubtedly to decipher the change in the mode of communication.

Real estate SEO trend and voice search: here are what measures to implement

How will it be possible to bring the revolution in the field of voice search on the web to the advantage of your website? Here are some practical tips to be able to appear among the results that can actually be consulted with voice search.

  • Idealize a typical dialogue: then try to focus on the possible questions a user could ask his artificial intelligence: how would your website be responsive? The new trend to follow in this case is precisely the logic of dialogue; a question is followed by an answer as if you were chatting with friends.
  • Speed: Google rewards speed, websites fished as results of voice searches by users, are precisely those optimized sites that load the information quickly. In this sense, you will therefore have to make sure that the website of your real estate agency meets specific criteria such as compressed files, optimized images, very short response times from the server, and maximum functionality from mobile.
  • Taking care of snippets: getting into snippets is a foresight that could actually bring great results. The snippet box is in fact composed of a summary of the voice search response extracted from the web page in question: in the snippet box there are also the link that refers to the page, the title and the URL.
    Google will only show snippets that will answer the user’s search in an exhaustive manner: a snippet taken into maximum consideration by search engines, is certainly composed of a text created with a number of words ranging from 40 to 60.

2. Interaction between brands and users through video content

Before social networks took over, thinking of being able to optimize the work of online content through videos was a very distant thought.

To date, however, the live video tool is fully part of the list of recommendations to be implemented to optimize your website by passing through social networks. We are therefore talking in all respects of social media marketing strategies.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular and is lots of companies choose to succeed in creating the right interactions with prospective buyers, showing every day of much appreciation for this tool.

Especially with regard to the real estate world, thinking about using live videos to generate more traffic or simply attracting more users to our service or product is undoubtedly a recommended choice.

The real estate sector fits perfectly in this way: you can therefore stand out, offer an innovative service and focus on interaction to create movement online.

Cisco claims that, in 2021, video content will account for about 80% of online traffic. Could it be the case to be a precursor, before it is too late?

Video content and real estate SEO: how they interact with each other

It would seem almost obvious to underline it, but perhaps it is not: in terms of SEO and therefore to be able to be clearly visible on search engines, incorporating (quality) video content to your website could prove to be extremely interesting, let’s find out why.

  1. YouTube Channel: It was recently shown that the YouTube video platform is now twice as popular as the Bing search engine. For this reason, being featured on YouTube could bring significant benefits to your real estate agency. In constant growth, users spend about 60% more time than last year consulting video material on the web. In addition to thus obtaining good visibility for users, you can be noticed by Google that rewards content that contains video material, thus increasing your notoriety on the web.
  2. Associate video content with the texts of your blog: it has recently been shown that web users, increasingly lazy and tired of reading, prefer to associate quality reading with video content that is engaging and informative at the same time. In this way, they will get less tired and have a longer stay on your website

3. How to fully understand the intentions of potential buyers

A fundamental element that you cannot afford to underestimate is that of being able to fully understand what the intentions of your potential audience are. Only in this way will you be able to optimize your content, hope to satisfy a large number of requests and get more customers interested in your content.

On the web, users active in searches can be divided into four different types, which change according to their intent:

  • Information intent: of course it will be users who are looking for precise information (what is needed for… ect…);
  • Browsing intent: they are users who specifically search for online content;
  • Transactional intent: in marketing, they would be defined as hot users, that is, those who are already close to buying;
  • Commercial intent: users who use the web to do market research or statistics;

To date, the search engine algorithm is able to identify these intentions and then offer users similar products or services based on their interests.

User intent and SEO: here’s how to do a state-of-the-art optimization

What can your website do instead to be able to produce the best results online that satisfy as many intentions as possible? In this case, it will be necessary to take some precautions to cure the SEO and thus not miss a potentially interested buyer.

There are factors to analyze to understand if your website is fully satisfying the intent of potential buyers, or if they will go back to the SERP and choose another result.

How much time does a user spend on your web page? If there is a high bounce rate or a minimum average stay time, it means that the user is not finding the answers to their search and therefore your website is not yet able to satisfy as many intentions as possible.

How to improve this and prevent the user from migrating to the competition? You will undoubtedly need to improve the usability of your website. To find out how to best optimize this, you could click on and get a clear idea of ​​improved usability.

If, on the other hand, your website appears in the SERP without obtaining a satisfactory number of clicks, it will mean that you should intervene in an SEO perspective to make the headings and the meta description more attractive; in this way, you will increase the possibility of hitting the intent of that potential customer who, reading an enticing title, could decide to click on your website.

4. SEO optimization and ease of mobile navigation

One of the elements most appreciated by search engines to give visibility to online content is undoubtedly that relating to the ease or otherwise of browsing from mobile by users.

This figure was examined in response to the needs of a greater number of customers, which shows that they have abandoned desktop browsing to devote themselves completely to mobile browsing.

In fact, Google, before deciding how to place your content on its SERP, analyzes how the website responds to navigation from mobile. What happens if the site is not optimized to the maximum for visibility and navigation from mobile devices?

It happens that the search engines will make the website downgrade on the SERP, making it lose visibility and therefore the possibility of increasing its organic traffic. Basically, if you don’t have a “mobile-friendly” website, you will struggle to get the desired results. We talked about it in a more than exhaustive way in dedicated content on the WeAgentz blog, in which the absence of this feature is a clear symptom that yours is a bad real estate website.

However, even in this case, there is a way to optimize the content by following practical advice that Google will undoubtedly appreciate.

Optimizing a website for mobile SEO from an SEO perspective requires specific measures:

  • The website in question must keep its usability unchanged in both versions. In fact, it has been statistically demonstrated that if a mobile website is not easily accessible, the user will immediately choose another web resource from which to obtain information.
  • The content published on your real estate agency’s website must be the same.
  • In a final analysis, the title and descriptions of the individual sections must also be the same.

In addition to the penalization by search engines, having a website that is difficult to navigate from mobile, penalizes your own agency because the potential client, perhaps even annoyed by the difficulties encountered, will abandon your page and migrate elsewhere.

One last useful piece of advice that we can give you to give you a detailed analysis on the status of your real estate website, is to consult a practical tool offered by Google which in a few simple steps analyzes the optimization of your website.

Everything you need to know (and more) about the real estate SEO trends of 2020

In this guide we wanted to put pen to paper which was the elements to focus on to organize and manage a job well done, taking care of the part relating to the SEO optimization of your online face.

If until before reading our advice you thought it was child’s play, we are happy to have made you change your mind. The world of the web can prove to be a wonderful plus for a company, but it undoubtedly needs targeted and specific skills to obtain potentially achievable results.

What to do then in these cases? Surely, if you are a real estate agent aiming at change and innovation, you can only agree with us: the web has made every type of business potentially much more productive and satisfying.

As with all sectors, however, to achieve excellent results, it is necessary to turn to experts and professionals who know in detail what is the best strategy to implement.

Therefore, by joining the forces of those who are part of a company in the real estate sector internally and know every facet of it, those who are called upon to speed up a certain process, one can think of being on the right path, that is, that of entrepreneurial success linked to the world of the web.

The world of the Internet rewards those who adapt to change: those who choose instead to remain anchored to old work habits will risk not having the right satisfactions that the web if used well, could give.

If you have a real estate agency and you have already noticed the revolution taking place, then we can only wish you to accomplish exceptional feats. If, on the other hand, you are a real estate professional who is not perceiving the change, then we recommend that you continue reading and follow our practical guides so as not to miss any of the technical tips to be able to incorporate the world of digital marketing into the field. real estate of which you will certainly be an expert. You will not regret it.