Selling a house

Selling a house: all the information and doubts

Selling a house may seem easy, but it’s not at all.
It is an obstacle course and the risk of tripping is high at every corner.

Inpoi aims to be a real estate guide, to provide the correct information and allow users to make the right choice for their situation.
We want to make property management affordable for everyone.
We are on your side, we will provide you with all the elements to avoid being at the mercy of the market and to be able to decide in complete safety with the right information available.

Things to watch out for when selling a house

We have enclosed for you, on this page: tools, advice, and information to sell your home at best without stumbling.
These suggestions are the result of years of experience and hundreds of sales, the condensation of the experience of real estate investors, owners, agents and market analysts.
By following this advice you will find out how to sell your property without devaluing it and at the best market conditions.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to before selling your home:

The motivation

Why are you selling? Often when you start selling your home you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what the real reason for selling is.

Do you want to sell because the house is too small for your current needs? Can’t stand the neighbors anymore? Have your needs changed?
Having clear ideas about the reasons for the sale will help you strategically plan the next steps, avoiding wasting time and money.

The Value

Evaluating the value of a property before selling a home is an essential aspect of selling a home, and is defined by the average value a buyer is willing to pay and how much on average the sellers are willing to sell.

It is necessary to know the factors that affect the property valuation, in order to increase the value of your property before putting it up for sale.

State of the property

It is important to consider the state of the property and its care.

  • Scratch the walls
  • Remove mold stains
  • Keep the house clean and tidy
  • Tidy environments
  • Scented rooms
  • Clean balconies and terraces
  • Cellar in order

These simple tricks will increase the chances of success in the sale and the realization price.


The house must be in order from a bureaucratic point of view, there are some documents necessary to sell the house.
In some cases, it is possible to cancel sales due to incorrect or missing documents with future legal risks for the seller.

In what situations might you find yourself selling a house?

There are many different ways to sell a house and one may not necessarily be fairer than the other, it depends on your sales needs.

An aspect to be analyzed before proceeding with the search procedures for new buyers is the right of first refusal on the property.

After making sure that no person is in possession of this right, you can proceed with the desired sales method.

Selling house with agency

Did you know that Italy is one of the countries with the highest number of real estate agencies by a number of inhabitants?
For this reason it is important to choose carefully who to rely on. But how to choose the right real estate agent without making mistakes?
With these points we explain how to best sell a house with an agency

  1. Evaluate professionalism: choose an agent who knows the area in which the property is located and who has experience in buying and selling a certain type of property (villas, apartments, country houses, etc.)
  2. Compare different proposals: listen to different agencies to clarify your ideas on which agency to rely on and observe the different working methods.
    A correct evaluation of the value and a correct sales and promotion strategy of the property are signs that help to understand the level of professionalism of the company.
  3. Valuation: we would all like to sell the house at the highest possible price, the agents know this well, and in order to win a job they offer valuations that are out of the market and then go and reduce them later. Trust those who offer a price in line with the market.
    You can always compare the proposed evaluation with an online evaluator
  4. Spend the right amount: to choose the right real estate agency to sell a house, it is important to evaluate the cost of the services offered. It is important to choose the most advantageous price but remember that a lower cost will correspond to fewer services and less time dedicated to your property so be very careful to save too much, it could be really counterproductive.  But what is the right commission to pay?
  5. Choose an agent in step with the times: the real estate market is in constant movement and new technologies play a fundamental role in being competitive, which is why it is essential that it always stays up to date and in step with the times.

Selling a house as a private individual

Selling a house as a private individual is a practice that has been gaining ground in recent years also in Italy, but there are still several mistakes that must be avoided in order not to risk ruining or canceling the sale, especially if you want to sell without an agency.

Here are the main mistakes that don’t make you sell a property:

  1. The wrong price, a too high selling price represents 60% of the reasons that do not make a sale between private individuals. It is always advisable to know the value of your property in advance.
  2. Badly done and unattractive photo gallery, it represents 20% less chance of success in the home sale
  3. Don’t give all the correct information – it’s important to know exactly what you’re selling.
    If you have an “A” energy efficiency class it is different than being in a “G” class, and if you have old-fashioned central heating, your home will hardly be suitable for summer-only tourist use.
    The lack of information can lead to the nullity of the deed and cancel the sale, even if in conclusion.
  4. Selling without enhancing: it is important to remove everything that is not needed, freshen up the house and if possible renovate, to give a new touch that facilitates the sale both in terms of time and higher price.
    The money spent on improving the house will allow you to take it back at the end of the sale.
  5. Do not highlight the strengths of the house: a garden, a park near the house, a fireplace or a habitable terrace are elements that enhance the house and that will allow you to find your target of interested people and the final buyer.

Selling house quickly

Selling a house quickly is not an impossible mission, but to do so it is necessary to avoid making some very common mistakes.

  1. Price: You have to be realistic and aware of the actual sale price. In particular, the price is the lever that allows the sale in the shortest possible time.
  2. Be slow: waiting doesn’t help. The first two weeks in which the house is on sale are those in which it will have the most visibility and will attract a greater number of sales proposals.
  3. Do not play to the downside: Lowering the price is normal, but it is good to think about it when you put the property up for sale and be competitive right away.

Playing down is not always a good strategy and can be perceived negatively, for this reason, it is very important to start with an “anticipated” price on the market trend.

  1. Do not take advantage of advice: Calculating the right house price, not knowing the real estate situation around you is very complex and risky. For example, if your house is the only one for sale in the neighborhood you can afford to offer a higher price, if instead, the number of apartments for sale is high you will have to make sure to differentiate yourself. This information is difficult to find if you don’t move within the industry. We at Inpoi can put you in touch with one of our mentors, who will be able to advise you in the best possible way in a totally freeway.
  2. Reject Offers: The current market is down, rejecting any offers is a solution that we might regret in retrospect. It is important to be able to distinguish between those who really make consistent offers and those who instead make a reckless offer. In this way, it will be possible to understand if you are dealing with a possible buyer or with a time-waster.
  3. Show the house: during the visits, it is not advisable to give the feeling of exasperation in wanting to get rid of the property but to try to emphasize the positive aspects of the house in a calm way. For this reason, it is often advisable to delegate visits to professionals.
  4. Avoid professionals: the general idea of ​​those who want to sell a house is to avoid professionals, without considering that this complicates the sale and leads to headaches that an expert would manage better. However, it is important to know what kind of professional to rely on.
  5. Making an unattractive ad: An ad must grab the attention of buyers. First of all, it is important to understand the target audience our ad will target. For example, if I am in an international area, it might be a good idea to write it in several languages.
    An essential element of a good advertisement is photos. An ad with a photo is viewed 200% more times than one without. Another element that increases effectiveness is virtual visits, which bring 220% more visibility.

Selling a house without selling out

Whatever the method is chosen, selling a house is a procedure that requires attention, professionalism and the right time. The average time to sell can vary depending on the situation, but the constant is not to be in too much of a hurry.

If you want to know what the real value is, why not try our algorithm for free that calculates the value of the property online? It is a technology that, by crossing thousands of data in real-time, is able to give very accurate estimates, which can serve as a basis for the evaluation of your home.

Who to contact to sell a house

The situations in which you can find yourself selling a house are numerous and complex at the bureaucratic level.

For example, selling an inherited property follows different logic from those previously described, or selling a house with a mortgage still in progress, selling a house without habitability, selling the property in bare ownership or based on your situation you will realize that the best choice is to sell house to the bank.

Knowing the range of possibilities available to you is the best way to avoid mistakes.

Then, as a digital real estate consultant, he addressed various issues of the sale of the house, to meet all the needs within the blog.

You can search for the topic of your interest and resolve any doubts.